So far this debate is a dud

Talking point after talking point, blah blah blah blah. This debate is not a barrel of laughs. I was promised entertainment! I want to see Biden yammering on like a monkey on crack while Palin has a fit of female hysteria, dammit!


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Palin did alot better than I thought she would

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But then expectations were set pretty low. I didn't agree with much of what she said but she came off as likable. I put it down to good coaching. Yes, it was mostly talking points and I too was hoping for it being more entertaining. I noticed she avoided talking about the Bush administation and she didn't defend McCain on some points. She mostly shifted to another subject when confronted with a touchy subject. Also she has a strange way of expressing herself. All in all she wasn't totally as repulsive as I thought she would be.

See the blog I just wrote on it. (plugs blog)

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     Yeah, she was allowed steering freedom to avoid subjects she was confronted on.  She retorted Biden on Afganistan and Finger-pointing, those seemed to be some of her big comebacks.


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It's quite likely that the dumb American populace and certainly the MSM will se this as a plus for Palin.  After all she didn't wet her pants, fall down foaming at the mouth and even produced a few full sentences.  But she was allowed to go off topic on any question she didn't have on her cheat sheet and revert to talking about energy or provide a littrle folksy tale or accuse Obama and Biden of various items on rhe Repub meme sheet. Virtually all lies or distortions.


In addition she played to the camera, winking many times like a cheap whore offering a $10 blow job to anyone passing by. And that voice! I imagine the First Dude ( and anybody who calls her hubby that has lost all claim to be a member of the human race) doesn't need to possess a chain saw.  He just sends his wife out to talk to the wood pile.


Biden came across as self-assured,knowledgeable and gracious.  So much for the tactic of trying to rile him up.  he also landed many body blows on the main target and not on the insignificant little Alaskan dimwit.

And I'm not a great fan of the Democratic party either.  The US is in a deep hole ( thank you George ) and I don't think that the overall corrupt Congress is going to get past the special interests. I wish Obama had waited for a later opportunity if you can keep your republic.  As it is I'm prepared to bet that Obama won't get through his first year as President before being assassinated.

Palin came across as homely and folksy.

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Unfortunately, she also came across as a moron.

Biden clearly wiped the floor with her, as one would expect a Senator of his experience to do. She sloganeered. He presented facts.

Now Joe's just biden his time...

She was making love to that camera wasn't she

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Yeah, there  wasn't much subtance to what she was saying. God, her voice is annoying! I was trying to figure out who she reminds me of, she sounds a bit like that Mother on That 70's Show. I was giving her points for not falling down and such.

Why are Biden and Obama not bringing up the Savings and Loan scandal? McCain figured big in that one.

Biden pulled his punches on a number of occasions like not pointing out she had the wrong name for the general in Afghanistan

Pathetic that the media are giving her a passing grade

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She probably came off the stage, kicked off her shoes, gave a finger-up to her handlers and like any student after a long cram and probable D+ on the final, promptly emptied her mind of whatever meager content had been pumped in. 

Yeah, have to wonder if she'd wink at Putin — you know, that guy that's out there just bein' out there - or other heads of state she'd meet in the course of her VP duties. Then we Americans wonder about the stereotypes of insularity, vacuity and arrogance that remain attached to us.

The sad truth is that she's even more like Dubya than McCain is. 

If you call lying about facts as wiping the floor...sure

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Well, as Fred Thompson put it, Biden was factually wrong on several claims.  Not "We can bat that one around" but factually wrong on several of McCain's votes. 

So when you aren't worried about things like truth in your arguments, it's easy to come off as suave and sophisticated.

Plus, I noticed those bizarre facial tics of Biden to laugh and chuckle every time a point was made.  I thought that maybe his hairplugs were falling out or something.

The real truth behind the current economic crisis

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Thank you DEMOCRATS, NOT George Bush or John McCain


^^^Hey Hammy, how's it going

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I knew you would slither over sooner or later.

I betcha creamed everytime she made one of her folksy comments.

Tell the truth, when she winked at the camera did you think she was winking at you?

That Alaska hillbilly wasn't winking at me?

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The bitch! That's the last time I'll be looking at Russia across the strait.

Fred Thompson? Isn't he dead?

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Don't tell me he's crawled up from the grave of 'Boobie nominees, only to be passed over one more time.

I hate to break this to ya, RF

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The two faces of...

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Saturday Night Live might be worth watching this saturday

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This debate is begging to be lampooned

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