So has anyone here seen Watchmen yet? <MINOR SPOILERS>

Interesting pic...sort of a combination of The Incredibles, The Dark Knight, and The Matrix - though not quite as consistently entertaining as any of those, thanks mostly to the film's pacing. 

Watchmen - directed 300-style by Zack Snyder - doesn't really follow any one character in particular, though it is narrated by Rorsharch (Jackie Hearle Haley, channeling Christian Bale's Batman), a rather grumpy, retired (though still masked) superhero investigating the murder of another ex-superhero, The Comedian, and fearing that other superhero deaths are soon to follow.  Meanwhile, in this alternate-universe 1985, Nixon has just been elected to his 5th term but the world fears nuclear war between the U.S. and the still-commie Russians.

That's merely the premise that kicks Watchmen into it's second (very long) act.  Lots of superhero weirdness follows, especially whenever Dr. Manhattan (Almost Famous's Billy Crudup) is on screen.  Dr. Manhattan glows blue, can change sizes and teleport, and is the survivor of a freak lab accident and the only ex-superhero with actual powers.   He also seems to spend almost the entire film walking around nekkid, blue schlong frequently on display (this should please Crankyland's own Mal Content, Terribella, and X-Man, but not necessarily TCP). 

Though the fx are terrific and the ideas interesting, the film falters in a couple of areas: it takes wayyyyy too long to get going, there are far too many character development subplots to cram into its almost-3-hour running time, and not all of the superheroes are really likeable.


An interesting film that's gonna have massive opening wknd box office and, methinks, every bit as many detractors as fans.


What does everyone else think?  Coaster, I know YOU saw this one.




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Sure, I was there opening night. We saw Richard Dawkins talk earlier at OU. I had asked my son what we were going to do about that: It seems that opening night for Watchmen was the same as the Dawkins talk which I'd been looking forward to forever. My son said that was an easy problem to solve. We'd see the movie after the talk. So after being awake since 4:30 AM, we went to an 11:15 PM show and got out at 2:30 AM the next morning. I loved every bit of this movie, well, except I probably had less penis appreciation than some of those you've mentioned. I had no problem with pacing, the way the story unfolded, or seeing the story told from the multiple viewpoints. Though the film jumped around, I felt it came together nicely, unlike films such as Magnolia which jump around and don't come together at all. It was full of little gems like Jackie Earl Haley's character's stay in prison, and Night Owl's and Silk Spectre's first (uncostumed) night on the town. Nice to see they reaped the benefit of the villain's courtesy rule: A group of evil doers when attacking their victims must take turns and do so only one evil doer at a time.

I did notice that the Smartest Man in the World seemed not to be. It must be hard to write brilliant when you lack that characteristic yourself. And yes, should anyone ask, I thought Good Will Hunting was brilliant.

I left feeling a bit of sadness that there will never be an Watchmen 2.

By the way, Dawkins did not disappoint.

This movie did indeed get Coaster bonus points for blowing up things REAL good.

Blue Schlong?

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Big deal, I could do that by just holding my breath!

Did his penis have any special powers?

Someone else couldn't get into MAGNOLIA!

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I only lasted 10 minutes or so. Maybe I need to try it again (or maybe not).

"sort of a combination of

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"sort of a combination of The Incredibles"

I think the creators of the Incredibles acknowledged that the no capes montage was at least partly inspired by Dollar Bill's fate in Watchmen, but I haven't found where they would've said it (haven't listened to the DVD commentary of the Incredibles yet, maybe it's there?).

Sixties Soundtrack?

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Did anyone else find the soundtrack off putting? Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Simon & Garfunkle? I did like the Chemical Reaction's version of Desolation Row but did it belong to this particular movie. They did use a little Nat King Cole which is closer to the 50's. I stuck with the movie even tho I thought it was too violent (I loved the 300 for that reason alone) & too weird. Jackie Earle Haley should get the Oscar - I recently saw his other Oscar nominated part in Little Children & he is pretty amazing. I also liked Dr. Manhatten & his big blue schlong. Was his schlong like the one in Boogie Nights? Fake?

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