So has Prison Break jumped the Shark?

...most people would probably say "Yes, about 3 seasons ago", This season premiere was beyond insulting to the viewers.. So basically they did a complete reset and Season 3 never really happened. Thanks for investing your time, loyal fans! GOTCHA!

I've read online comparisons to THE A-TEAM when Robert Vaughn took over the team... People are even referring to Michael's group AS "the A-Team"....

Man... Even i don't think i can stay onboard for THIS mess...

Here's to hoping that FRINGE is okay...


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I vaguely recall reading somewhere

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that the creator had mapped out only two seasons of the show when he came up with it.

If true, anything after that will probably seem hacked together... because it was.


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I'm also curious about this "Fringe" thing. How about we take a shot for every J.J. Abrams / Bad Robot cross-reference? (Shots of Slusho, of course.)

Just a thought, as this "Everything Else" page will get cluttered very quickly - if we have a "Movies" board, maybe we should have a "TV" board?

(And this hasn't got to do with anything, but I just noticed that when Xur's avatar shows up tiny under "Cranky Bloggers", it looks like Stitch.)

Since when have we ever stayed on topic?

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If you want a reorg, we could put movies & TV in the same category, except that Mr Cranky was started as a movie site, so it's nice to leave the movie category pure. Maybe we could have an additional Entertainment section, though. And the "Politics" might better be called 'current events' or 'topical' or even 'news' (although it would be mostly politics...).

Also: I hadn't noticed anything about my avatar... until you brought that up. Now I'm going to see stitch all the damn time!

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