So how are YOU cutting back to deal with the impending economic collapse?

Me, I'm downsizing to a Learjet 85, lighting my cigars with twenties rather than fifties and only using one hooker at a time.


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I hear you can buy a house in the States for $1.75 nowadays.

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I'm rolling my pennies.  I figure I can pick up at least a Monopoly board's worth of houses.

Note to Kanga - go for the ugly ones.  I've heard they'll practically pay you

about that

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My dad was talking to a cousin who lives in Miami, he and his family bought an apartment in Orlando, 350 thousand, a year and a half ago or so, they thought it was a terrific investment. Right now they are selling for 90 thousand.

Wouldn't they be better off to hold on to it at this point?

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I doubt it would go much lower.  Even if it took a few years, it'd be worth it to wait for prices to rise again, which they will.

I don't know what they are gonna do with it

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They are probably paying more in taxes and mortages than what is worth, what i meant was that some people sold theirs at that price.

My father is thinking of buying.

This guy

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has stopped wearing pants.

Our parakeet made a nice dinner, paired with wild rice

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Now, do our neighbors really need five dogs? 

In truth, hubby and I haven't changed behaviors much, being old hands at the frugality game (the rolling riches of the '90s somehow rolled right past us). Probably when we get this month's financials in the mail, we'll use them in the fireplace to help heat the house. 




How the hell did this end up here?

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At first I thought Kanga was just regurgitating an old post, but it's the original.

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