So if Obama does two terms, who runs for the Dems in 2016?

I like Biden and I s'pose he would be up for the job...except for the age thing again.  AFIK, he'll be older than McCain in 2016.  Will Chelsea Clinton be 35 by then?  :)




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Caroline Kennedy! Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

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<starts singing Sweet Caroline>

Don't you dare sing that here...

TMundo's picture for the dems in 20...when?  Who cares, by then, there will be a whole slew of new individuals.

How about Al Franken!

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What's that noise? Oh, it's Bill O Really's head exploding!

Maybe someone not currently known on the national scene...

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How many people who don't follow Illinois politics knew who Barack Obama was before 2004?  There are probably several Dems who either recently got elected to Govenor/Senator/etc or will be elected in an upcoming election cycle who could potentially be President 8 years from now.  Hell, by then the "Gen-Xers" will be of age for that (Obama's close, but slightly past the admittedly arbitrary cut-off date...)

MH makes a good point.

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Several popular governators in the party, most of whom are around Obama's age or younger - Bill Richardson (NM), Tim Kaine (VA), and Evan Bayh (IN) immediately spring to mind.

And I s'pose Biden could run.  I guess it depends on his health.  We liberals (myself included) all picked on McCain for his age, but Reagan - a very popular president for better or for worse - was no spring chicken himself....



I think it will be a Native American trans-sexual

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It's about time isn't it?

Tim Ryan

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