So somebody suggested I might have stomach parasites, but here's the thing...

...after my awkward hospital experience, upon recovering from kidney failure and a stomch virus I got in brazil, I keep on having these residual stomach pains.  They are not really all that painful actually, there's just slight feelings I get throught my stomch, intetinal area, spine and back.  I got a referral to a belly doctor but before I went, someone suggested the idea that I may have parasites.  The person said there was a natural remedy or kit I could by that consisted of cloves and a few other things.  I looked it up on the internet, and while the symptoms seemed a little too general for me to come to the conclusion that I had them, I figure it couldn't hurt if the remedy was inexpensive.  sure enough, the 3 key ingredients mentioned on a few sites were : black walnut hulls, wormwood and cloves.

Wormwood?  The site mentioned two types I could take, Artimus Absinthum and some other kind of Artimus which is what I thought I'd find in stores because Artimus Absinthum is the key ingredient in absinth which is an alcoholic drink with halucinogenic properties.  And so I went to the helth food store and picked up a dropper of Black Walnut Hull/Wormwood mixture and when I got in the car and read the label, much to my suprise, there was the name Artimus Absinthum mentioned on the back.  My guess is that it's not enough to do any harm, and there do exist various forms of the Absinth drink on the american market that are non-hallucinogenic because I imagine the dose to be so low that it's ineffective, but I still wonder, what the deal is.

Cloves are some nast stuff, whew, I can imagine that killing anything.  It's supposed to kill the eggs.  The other stuff kills the parasites.  We'll see what happens.


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Try throwing a bat into your Bat-o-matic and drinking that

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What won't kill you will make you stronger

Tell us if you meet Kylie Minogue

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(Reference to MOULIN ROUGE.)


I recommend seeing my friend, the witch doctor.

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Ooo eee,ooo ah ah ting tang Walla walla ,bing bangOoo eee ooo ah ah ting tang Walla walla bing bang...




~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


RIght then, I feel fatigued and a little feverish...

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...the website says that you're supposed to feel like that when you rid your body of toxins, however, I'm not riding my body of toxins, I'm riding my body of parasites, assuming I have any to begin with.  I don't know if this is a health side effect, or if this stuff is just bad.  I'm going to visit the doctor, this isn't really helping my mental state.  Taking something I know nothing about, for something I don't even know I have.

There is no such thing as "alternative medicine."

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There is only "medicine."  My own doctors have me taking some non-perscription minerals/herbs. If it can help you, a good doctor would be aware of it, "alternative" or mainstream. 

My point:  See a doctor.  Now. 

Manly men don't see doctors

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Ignore it and it'll probably go away

Not all doctors are created

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Not all doctors are created equal, that's for sure. And any one that dismisses "alternative" medicine out of hand is probably not worth seeing.

Again, there is no "alternative" medicine. Just medicine.

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A drug is defined as any substance that when introduced, affects functions within the organism.  It is all just medicine.  Whether or not it is regulated by the FDA, it is still a medicine.  Ask a pharmacist. 

Not all docs are created equal.  What do you call the kid who graduates last in his medical school class?  Ans:  A doctor.  I'm pretty sure he takes Blue Cross.

This is all besides the point.  I think Mr. T needs to see a doctor.  If you agree with me on that point, please express your concurrence.  I know the Internet is not the place one usually turns to for advice, especially if your not InSAnE, but I'm hoping T will listen and not leave his condition untreated or do something that might make it worse. And even if he's already cured himself, what's the harm in seeing a doc?

Sure, T should see a doctor

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Can't make things any worse.


Parasites can release toxins

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and disease.

Mundo, if you can read this...

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Go to a doctor.

This alterna-crap is disturbing. Coaster is correct in that "medicine" encompasses more than what the FDA wants to regulate. At the same time, if the tanis root/bat wing smmothie isn't helping you through- go to the bigs guns.  I.e. the ones that work, or at least have worked in the past.  First and foremost, though. FIND OUT WHAT IS WRONG.  Proceed from there.  You seem like good people, mundo... and even if you aren't we can't afford to lose another local around here.  Get thee to a physician, boy!

On a side note- I've got an aunt who has roped my uncle into homeopathy to treat some serious symptoms, and they ain't getting better.  Saddest part is to hear them talk about the crap as though it were NOT a placebo and that bullshit "toxins" can really be isolated and removed this way.  Well, that's the saddest part so far..

Try Eye of Newt and Bark of a Dog...

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better yet, instead of misdiagnosing yourself and falling for quack folk remedies, see a doctor.  The drug regimen for roundworms is usually a single dose or at worst a couple weeks. 


I of course was kidding

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Seriously you've been to a tropical country over and over. There are some real nasties living there that can enter your system a number of ways. Not only from eating the food and drinking the water they could get into you from swimming, walking barefooted and hanging around bat caves.

T Mundo I can find a doctor for you on Angie's List

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Angie's List is something I already pay for.  If you tell me what town you live in I can see if there are any doctors with good reviews near you listed on that web site.

Also some doctors are now trying to prohibit their patients from writing reviews about them on web sites like Angie's List.  Frankly I don't see how they can possibly ban something like that.  Here is a qoute from Angie's List:

"Do physicians have a right to privacy that overrules patients’ rights to speak freely about their health care experiences? This question is at the center of the debate about so-called medical “gag orders” -- one-page contracts some doctors are using to prohibit patients from commenting on their care. Read more in this month's feature story, "Medical Muzzle.'"

{;-) Dan in Miami

No no, I'm definitely going to see one...

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...I already have the referal to a good gastroentologist, I thought this was some kind of, blessing or something God had sent my way, (you know, simple and safe herbal remedy) but I can see I have no clue what I'm doing and maybe I'm just being impulsive.  Wormwood, or artemisia absinthium is a dangerous poison, and while it has been used to treat worms (hence the name) it'd be better if I saw a doctor before using it lest I give myslef something worse.  It seems to be quite potent stuff even though I only bought it over the counter in a health food store.  FDA or no FDA it has had some serious effects on me, let that be a lesson, just because you buy it in a health food store, doesn't mean it's just a vegetable.

Perhaps it was because you weren't eating your veggies

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