So umm yeah wtf

Crankyland is really dead eh?


The new forum is a model of obnoxious un-usability. Took me like 4 hours to sign up.


And why didnt my old X-Man login carry over? I had to make this new one.


Anybody have a url to the old forums?


So yeah, this blows



Crankyland Kill File
Kill Threads or Only Kill Posts
Your List:
Oddball Unblock
Throwing_Muses Unblock
Rajah Unblock
The_Little_General Unblock


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Believe it or not, Xie

Rajah's picture

You've been missed

We're about to have a black president!

Isn't that neato?

Any specific reason why it

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Any specific reason why it blows?

And it took you four hours to sign up?  Have you ever used the internet before?

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