So will there be an Oscar thread this year?

Note: I'll be travelling on Oscar night, but should be able to post comments the next day, when I'm back home.



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I'll bet not

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I don't really think the site owner gives a tin shit about this place.  Witness the poll on the homepage.  The amount of participants has also sunk way below critical mass. 

And among the few semi-regulars left, there may be one or two more like me that have better things to do than spend 3 hours watching a bunch of boring-ass speeches.  Okay, so maybe I don't have better things to do, but it's still highly unlikely I'll watch the Oscars.  Unless Ricky Gervais hosts the whole thing.  That would be cool.

Hey Coaster

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You coming to LA anytime soon?

I went to Knotts Berry Farm last weekend.  Their roller coaster count is now 8, including two that have been built within the past three years.  And I think Magic Mountain has a new coaster opening later this year.  Wheeeee!



As a matter of fact, yes.

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I'll be there in April or May for the unveling of my mother's headstone.  It's a Jewish thing which some atheists are forced to attend.  What a better way to spend the Saturday prior than riding roller coasters? 

I've lost your e-mail address.  I'll write you through Cranky's to reestablish contact, and we can hash out the details in the coming weeks. 

I also hear their fried chicken and berry pie is killer. 


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I have some prior commitments across various weekends in April and May, but hopefully we can connect...if not for a Saturday of Coaster riding then at least for a meal, or something.  It's been awhile.

Anyway, check your email, but don't get your hopes up.  I'm not going to send you my SSN or CC #s.



Well, since you all have time on your hands,

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I propose that the five or six of you still here move to a warmer clime and join my navy. You will see and experience

  • exotic ports of call, including jungle, mountain, open ocean and beach environments.
  • swimming with rare marine species.
  • AK47 included.
  • air conditioning.

No God and country allegiance-swearing. No passport required.

And one more:,1518,732292,00.html


The 30-metre fiberglass boat has room for a crew of six and is powered by two diesel engines and has an air-conditioned interior, Hurtado said. He said it can submerge up three metres deep and is equipped with a five-metre periscope.

My sister reads DER SPIEGEL in German

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Lurker's mulitlingual!


I would have posted the original German link,

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but I didn't think anyone here would understand gibberish.


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Question: does shore leave in your navy include all the submissive Thai hookers I can handle, as well as the subsequent STD testing?  If so, I'm in!  I'd swab HER deck anyday.



Sorry, HS, but Thai stick is not included in my cruise.

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Although, if I added Bangkok, I'm sure you'd need a swabbing, and I don't mean the deck.

In any event, we only dock offshore in North and Central America. Swim fins optional.

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