Still scared to dip a foot in the water (Mal)? Bored (like the rest of us)?

Speaking of being scared (no, not you, Mal)...

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this is too funny not to pass up.

I should add, the toys are bogus -  a collection of others joined at the hip to encourage outrage.

Speaking of feet in the water,

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I just got back from Tofino. I didn't find any personless feet at all. What a gyp. I should have asked for my money back.

On the bright side, I did find a bunch of sand dollars. Unfortunately, after closer inspection in my cabin, I discovered most of them were still alive, so I had to set them free.

Wickinninish (sp?) Beach was breathtaking. A rogue wave pooched my cell phone (which was in my pocket at the time), but that was my fault.

Wait, why am I posting all of this here? I should be blogging.

btw, Calgary has just signed a contract to start displaying ads for some atheist group on their buses. I wonder how that'll go over with the locals...

I'll be going up to Calgary to torch the buses. Those damnable

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athiests are running rampant once again.

They're running amuck here in Crankyland too

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But as a devout pessimist I know it's useless to fight it

Their belief in nothing is way too strong

Obviously not exhausted after 8 years of faux news, ABC

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feels it must continue pandering to mindless morons.


And, according to Quilliam, it's a slippery slope when it comes to what is consensual, especially in one of the fastest growing paraphilias on the Internet -- cannibalism.

"You slice off a piece of somebody and together you fry it and cook it and eat it," she said. "There's a Web site for almost anything."

In 2003, a computer technician advertised on the Internet for a well-built male prepared to be slaughtered and then consumed. His willing victim agreed to have his penis cut off, which was flambéed and served up to eat together before the victim died, according to the BBC. The courts debated whether the act constituted murder, because the victim had solicited the act. 


Want to have an office romance? Too intimitaded to tell her?

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Well now...

I never thought I'd say this, but...

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ohmyfuckinggod!  Did you read the comments?  What are these people on, and where can I get some?

Riding Fool is 35?

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They're probably west-coasters (sorry, Coaster)

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from some island where the livin' is easy and it never snows.

* snort *


* snicker *


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Now it makes sense.

Only in Arkansas. (Or maybe Oklahoma, too.)

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