The Stuff you Couldn't Remeber From the 60's Thread

Not like I was even born before the 60's but I'll venture to guess that there's a few things I could point out that you probably didn't remember even though youy were standing in the front row.

Venus in Furs -- Yeah, you were on the nod when this little diddy dropped.  You didn't even own the album but you were so influenced by their music, or their drugs, or their drugs and their music, or... oh screw it!  The real clincher is the shot of Coaster at 1:53, nuff said.


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Orange Skies. I think.

That was Coaster? Groovy!


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Coaster can't grow a mustache.  But then again from the looks of that guy, neither could he. 

Oh, wow, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan...

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...faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut...



~There ain't no Devil, there's just God when He's drunk.~


"If you can remember the 60's, you weren't there."

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--Paul Kantner

When my friend Dave and his family used to be about in the neighborhood in which we grew up, people would often come up to them and say something like this to his wife: "I can't believe you married this wild man!  Why I remember this time [here begins an almost unbelievable escapade]... ."   Having been there during the telling of one of these stories, I sat there while Dave just nodded and smiled. 

When the story teller left, Dave looked over at me and said, "This happens to us all the time, and I can believe the stories people from my past tell about me and that I did indeed do those things.  I just wish I could remember doing half what people say I did."  

For Foo: I was a motorhead.  You'll appreciate this:  I my memories from circa 1964 are: Top 30 AM radio as I never listened to Rock & Roll before; the Beatles; and my first motorcycle, a Yamaha 80 ported, bored out, head shaved, expansion chambered to produce probably ten full horsepower.  The bike would propel me to 60 MPH.   But back then, I was less than half the man I am today.  My next two bikes of that era were another Yamaha 80 made more street worthy than dirt worthy, and a Yamaha YDS2 250. 

I remember listening to Janis, and Jimmy, but my favorite was Cream.  I have always like the Beach Boys, and their music was ever present in independently made surfing films shown some evenings in the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.  There was a big-budget surf film that came out back then, Ride the Wild Surf, that we loved.  If you see it today, try not to laugh at the special effects too loudly.  Back then, they were cutting edge.  Ride the Wild Surf was part of a double feature with the Beatles' Help which bored the shit out of me.  Those two movies, loved by all of my friends (both of them) were replaced at that theater by Alfie starring newcomer Michael Caine.  Ugh, what a boring piece of drek that was.  The protagonist was limited to making smarmy remarks and smirking at the screen.  I predicted a very short career for this Caine fella and knew that I would never knowingly subject myself to any film with that guy in it.

Marijuana was plentiful then and could be had for $10 an ounce, or "lid."  Getting high was fun, but was never really my thing, as much more enjoyed having a clear mind.  Only the crazies among us tried LSD.  Back then, I never did get why people drank beer, except if you were too parched from smoking pot.  I never did care much for alcohol and the Boones Farm shit wines that were so popular back then. 

I owned my first real gun back then.  When I was 12, I traded an older kid on the block a Crossman pump pellet gun for a Mossberg 22 bolt action rifle with a peep sight and a 4-round magazine.  Oh, you could definitely put an eye out with that thing.  The fact that my parents were unaware of my owning either made my adventures all the more delicious. 

Back then, I was in love with a cute blonde girl.  I thought I'd never get over her.   But of course I did.  It just took 40 years. 

Well ya! Geez...

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You're a lot older than I am.

For me it was Herman's Hermits and the Turtles

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<imagines Coaster looking like Sean Penn in "Ridgemont High">

I was fifteen when the 60s ended. After that we only had a few years of good music then it's been mostly crap ever since.

The movies I watched were mostly monster and science fiction. Yes, they were cheesey back then and the special effects weren't so good but they scared Rajah.

Television was great in the sixties! You had Gilligan's Island, I Dream of Jeanie, My Favorite Martian, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and many more. The crap television were shows like Gunsmoke(the old folks liked that) and Laugh-In. Laugh-In was your parents version of what was hip. Gold Hawn was cute but that's about it. There was another show I like called Petticoat Junction. The show was total crap but I liked the brunette on there. She's a cousin of mine btw.

Beach movies were about like Elvis movies to me = alot of crap.

In Grade 3 we had a class devoted to space

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Lou Reed wouldn't let the movie I SHOT ANDY WARHOL use any Velvet Underground music on its soundtrack.  He explained, "How would you feel if someone made a movie called I SHOT YOUR MOTHER?"


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