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If you would like to submit reviews, please use the Contact page.  If we choose your review to post on the site, we'll gladly reimburse you the cost of the ticket if you would like to mail your reciept.  A bit of hassle, I know, but there's not a way around it.  Blame the IRS.

As for early screenings, the best way to to get access is talk to a local film critic and see how he does it.  If you can figure this out, we can probably issue some sort of press pass to qualify.



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The reviews posted thus far lacked bylines

Coaster's picture

Now I personally don't need a byline, but my ego does. Also, I think it would be nice to know who is writing the reviews and when it is that we have before us a genuine certified honest-to-goodness review by The Master hisself.


Also, I think it might be easier for your reviewing staff if the press credential came before the figuring out how to get on the preview people's list. I should have time to attempt some reviews in early 2009, well in time for Pink Panther 2.

I'll wager that the currency of reviews will be directly proportional for this site's popularity and its ability to attract fresh victims.

I'll be pleased to watch old and extranious classics for free...

TMundo's picture

...I really can't think of any film, as of late, worth seeing in the theaters.

Does it have to be new movies?

Critico's picture

I don't think i'll ever write an actual review, but here movies open later than in the USA, i wanna know so i won't bother.

It can be older movies that

jazzdrive3's picture

It can be older movies that haven't been reviewed yet.  Helps to fill in the gaps.

But we prefer fresh movie reviews within a few days of release.

Need reviews

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We are needing some more dedicated reviewers.

What do you think of creating a seperate, private forum for people who are interested in writing reviews?  They could them post there for movie they will be watching/reviewing so there is no duplicate effort.

I'm open to suggestions.

Reviews on the way. And some questions...

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On one hand, I can see the need for such a forum.  I'm sure Dan in Miami would appreciate that.  On the other hand, it's nice to see different perspectives on the same film, though I'm not sure we needed three reviews for Cloverfield. On the third hand, there's nothing to prevent two people from still reviewing the same film should they choose to.

I find it's nice to plan to review a movie and not do so as an afterthought.  If I'm going to a movie to review it, I take notes: An important part of the process when one has a mind that retains information as well as a wet tissue paper sack could contain a rock collection. 

Once again, I ask a question that I hope you will answer:  Will the reviews be credited with a byline?  Or are you trying to create an illusion that all reviews are penned by (a collective) Mr. Cranky? 

Are all the old reviews gone for good?  Have my reviews of Cloverfield, Shoot 'em Up, and The Game Plan been lost to the ether? 

While you've created a nice Archive, "The Most Recent Mr. Cranky Reviews" section is in no particular order and most of them aren't all that recent.  At present, you have over two thousand movies listed there. 

My wife and I are planning on seeing Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist this Friday.  I hope that's current enough. I'll attempt to write a review.  If it's not up to your standards, no hard feelings on my part.  Think nothing of the fact that I have TRIANGULATED you to Western Kentucky and I will be WATCHING YOU FROM THE DARKNESS.  

Put me down for the review of Quantum of Solace.

HS's picture

And also - maybe - Zack and Miri Make a Porno.


Only problem is, I can't promise that they'll be funny.




jazzdrive3's picture

The man himself will probably be doing Zack and Miri.  Might be best to stay away from that one.

I think I will create an extra forum just for this messeges like these.

We are trying to build up

jazzdrive3's picture

We are trying to build up the brand of "Mr. Cranky", so there will not be a byline.  Due to this, the original Mr. Cranky, as well as contributing full reviews, will also be taking more of an editor role.  No review goes on the site before passing by his withering, brutal, and, dare I say, cranky editor's eye.

I'll pass on any reviews of quality to the man himself, and he will makes notes on possible improvement.  So not only do you get to add to the mystique of the site, you might just become a better writer in the process!  What a deal.

And true, there's no reason 2 or more people can't review a film.  But we will only be picking one review per movie.

I'm going to start going through the user reviews and picking the best of them to put on the site.  They weren't included in the original archives, so I missed them on the first pass.  Many will be back on.

Also please understand that any reviews submitted for the purpose of posting on the site become property of Shadowculture LLC. This is not neccessarily the case with forum and blog posts, but it is the case with featured movie reviews.

A little idea to solve the problem...

TMundo's picture

...I've noticed that some sites, like, "Stuff White People Like," have a whole staff of writers.  It could work that way.  Basically you have a page that credits the writers, not for each individual work, but as a contributor to the whole of the site.  As long as each person is an active participant in contributing reviews, they get to keep their name on the site as a writer.  Here's the fun part.  You are welcome to use the site as a reference for any job you may wish to apply for in the near future.  The writers credit page is real.

How's that sound?

Hmmm, give up all rights and not get a byline?

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

That doesn't sound like a good deal to me.  Some of us actually work hard on these reviews.  I do think of it mainly as fun and good practice.  But at least we should get a byline and maybe a press pass or two.

If a web site has more than one writer that just makes it look like more of a big time web site.

{;-) Dan in Miami


Dan, I love the idea of

jazzdrive3's picture

Dan, I love the idea of press passes.  And we would be willing to give them out in a heart beat if we thought they would do any good at this point.

Tmundo has a really good thought about the credit page.  That might be the best way to do it.  Your name would then be linked to a list of your reviews.

I like the idea of press passes and a credit page, too.

Coaster's picture

And when have I ever agreed with TMundo and Dan???   The time of the a taco lips might be upon us.

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