I offended the powers that be here!

neener neener neeeeee nerrr


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Me too.

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I am so proud. * puffs out chest *


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damn the pusher-man!

How and when did you do that? I can't believe I missed that.

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Details, Please.

That stuid poll and that caption contest have been up for what?  Over a year?  I can't believe anyone but a few of us regulars gives a shit about this site anyway. 

Are you talking about the " queued by administrators" thing?

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I don't know what triggers that. Seems a bit arbitrary most of the time. I mean most of my stuff is offensive so why does pick one and not another?

I just figured

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it was something to do with the unbelievers ganging up on a couple of us religious fanatics in here. Nothing unusual about that.

Now back to sleep, everyone.

Yeah what you said

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Oops, which side was that?

One out of four people is freakishly stupid. If three of your friends are normal, then it's you.


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