Teabaggers : Vote our way or we shoot you

Here's a nice response to that article someone posted...

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Will someone please explain the meaning of "tyranny"...

to people like this. Tyranny is the active government of a people by force, usually led by a dictator with only a show of public support, a limited judiciary (the dictator's way or death), and a non-existant constitution. Is this what they want, because we nearly had it for them from 2000-1/21/09?

These people claim to know American History and the US Constitution, but no where in either place do I see We the People as being supportive of a tyrannical form of government. That is what our Forefathers fought a war to get rid of - a tyrannical form of government. The second Amendment was to insure that people could provide food, but that in times of war, since we were not going to have a standing army, that the citizens could be armed to band together in a common defense, not overthrow the government because they did not like the outcome of an election, and were being fed lies by the guys who lost!

Perhaps, we need to re-educate ourselves about our history and our way of governance. Maybe we need to learn from history, and apply critical thinking skills to find better ways of dealing with our problems, than just making threats. I am giving a series of mini course on my website

Let Freedom Ring(dot)Community

under the heading Common Sense Academy in American History, American Government and the US Constitution, Sustainability and Civic Participation, and Critical Thinking Skills. Perhaps it is time for some of the people who post here to start following this series, and learn somethings they have forgotten, and for others to learn them for the first time. We all need to take steps to stop talk like this, not as an infringement of free speech, but rather as a refusal to be threatened or intimidated by people like this man. When we hear it, we should let people know that this is not the way real Americans who care about freedom act.

Of course, if tyranny is what these people want, perhaps they should move someplace like Iran where they can learn first-hand what tyranny is all about? How about Honduras, Chile, Venuzuela, or Cuba? How about China or Pakistan? Take your pick - they are all examples of tyranny, and they are not places where a man like this would be allowed to speak freely. We speak of tyranny from a legally elected, duly sworn president and Congress, yet in a free society, this is what you get sometimes, and it is not tyranny, it is called DEMOCRACY!

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