Teddy Kennedy rots in hell

Teddy Kennedy was recently named the worst Catholic who ever lived and was also named the most senile senator of all time after CooCoo Byrd who is f?"*&ing crazy.


Thank god he was never elected prsident altho in his own mind he thought he had been


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Dude, you suck at political commentary

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He was enough of a Catholic to believe he would soon be seeing his brothers again.

He spent his life improving the lives of Americans. So if you'd care to take a minute from being disrespectful, perhaps you'd like to offer up an example from across the aisle who did also that rather than just passing laws to enrich themselves and their buds in the hope that the wealth might trickle down to the rest of us.


You may now go back to listening to your ideal of sane and sound political philosophy, Glen Beck.

Bobby & JFK are rotting in hell too?

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Thanks for clearing that up Coaster. Teddy did not improve the lives of anyone except his fellow sewer rats.  

Ole Chap why don't ya quit it?

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The Kennedys are firmly fixed in our culture. Yes, they were horny but they were public servants too. Ah the days of Camelot!

How can anyone "rot in hell"?

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1) Hell is a place of spirit, not matter.


2) Rotting is a state of matter.


3) Hell is imaginary.



~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


Coaster & Rajah have forgotten about poor Joan Kennedy

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Joan Kennedy's later years have been shaped by chronic alchoholism, which had appeared during her marriage to Ted Kennedy. The alcoholism escalated with sporadic, uneven sobriety, repeated DWI arrests, court-ordered rehabilitation and return to drinking — ultimately leading to kidney damage, the possibility of dialysis and protracted complications from increasingly strict guardianship. In 2005, Bennett Kennedy was hospitalized with a concussion and a broken shoulder after being found lying in a Boston street near her home. In July 2004, her oldest son Edward Moore Kennedy, Jr. had been appointed her legal guardian; in 2005 her children were granted temporary guardianship.

Will poor Joan be allowed to sit with her children at the funeral?

Or will she have to sit 3 paces behind? 

He should have been more like a good Republican

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Telling his wife that he was leaving her while she was in the hospital dying of cancer (Gingrich), or being caught not with another woman but with a man (Too numerous to mention by name).  But then again, only a Republican could get back in the good graces of his base by starting a series of speeches and press interviews with the line, "I am not a homosexual" after being busted for soliciting sex from another man in a men's room (Craig). 

Ted Kennedy was married to his second wife for 20 years.  How many Republican legislators have had a marriage that lasted that long?  How many Republican legislators have had all their marriages combined last that long?

I would recommend you have the windows in your glass house replaced with Plexiglass before the next time you feel like chucking them stones.

Them theres a guud exampul

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Catholics rotting in hell, random assumptions about people and their personal feelings, throwing every issue people have had in their lives back at them while insisting their own will be forgiven by their god, and finding softcore porn appropriate for their use while condemming others who dare think it.  Ahhhhh, Christianity has another martyr in the making. 

Impeach Jim Gibbons!


I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints

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I like Vonnegut's view of heaven

Shuffleboard anyone?

My Ted Kennedy memory

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At the 1980 Democratic convention, after he lost the nomination to incumbent Jimmy Carter, he came onstage and everyone expected him to take Carter's hand in a show of solidarity.  Instead he petulantly turned his back on him.  I'll bet Reagan won the election right at that moment.

A class act, those Kennedys.


Ted Kennedy was sincere about health care reform

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But we don't need political dynasties in the USA.  Just think of the Bush family.  Bleah, yuck and patooi.

Democracy forever, aristocracy never!

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  One of the reasons people wanted George Washington to run for President of the USA was because he had no sons.  This made a Washington dynasty impossible.

PPS:  Washington started the tradition of presidents serving only two terms.

He helped create the problem

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By sponsoring the HMO Act of 1973, that created HMOs and forced all employers to offer federally-certified HMO plans. 

Thank you Teddy for HMOs that wound up driving up all costs for everyone.

Too bad the Republicans killed John John

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I so wanted to see him become president someday like his father


Critics of government health care are hypocrites

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Republicans are such hypocrites.  Their older relatives are on Medicare.  That's government health care.


{;-) Dan in Miami

Ted Kennedy III for Senate 2044

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Kennedy curse strikes again

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Shouldn't be too long

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before CNN picks that up.

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