Terribell, please comeback to us!


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Yes,..Please Do..I Need Someone To Pee Down My Throat.

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ugh...make sure you eat plenty of asparagus before hand!

Work has been SUCH a bitch

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Which is making me a bitch, and it ain't pretty.    I wanna be your pritty little princess, dammit, not some angry disillusioned hag - that's Muke's job.   Where is that fuckin' piece of shit, anyway?

Seriously, though, I'm too tired to get joy and fulfillment out of admiring my glistening happybags in the mirror anymore.   Somebody call the Fire Department, or get some iodine, or something, cuz I'm going nuts.

Tell me what totally sucks wang about your jobs.   Maybe that will make me happy, and slightly less annoying.


Yeah, where is MUCUS?

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The place ain't the same without him!

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