Testes, testes, one two... three?

The crankyparser is not happy with something I'm trying to post, so I need somewhere to play around with the formatting. Since there are no basements anymore, I figured we need a test thread somewhere.

So here it is. Test your crap here!


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Testing = tests out the microphone vocaly

Testes = involves jizzing all over the mic, or rather, rapping into it.

Actually, when one tests a mike,

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one says, "Check". At least that's the way we wacky Canadians do it.

Check check check

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your booty...

is how I remember it.

But I'm an elderly gentleman now, so my memory could be a tad suspect.

What's with this elderly shit?

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Have the pole dancers begun calling you "Sir"?

It's all mia_wallace's fault.

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She's the one!

humina humina humina

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aslkfj lkjf hlkaf hklaf hjl askdjfkashf kljf hashf

About fucking time.

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Can we do it again?


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Let's test something a little more complex.


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I can post again. w00t! And all I had to do was change my IP address. Did I get banned, Mr C/jazzy?


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A question : is it only possible to post from one IP address?

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I typically post from (and registered from) home.

If I log on from work, I can do everything on the site 'except' post. The cursor won't change to a hand when hovering over the 'Reply'. I use the same version of Firefox in both locations and XP at home and Vista at work.

It shouldn't be a problem.

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It shouldn't be a problem. I've posted from multiple places. Anyone else having this issue?

Problems with "Reply"

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I have a similar problem in that the sensing zone around "reply" shrinks impossibly small. Normally, I can just move the cursor slowly over "Reply" until it changes into a pointy finger glove, but when I can't, I use [Control][+] to expand the print and the zone.

==Coaster (Whooooeeee!)

That's interesting. Which

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That's interesting. Which browser are you using Coaster?

I'm using Firefox

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==Coaster (Whooooeeee!)


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That's what I'm using. What version are you using? The newest?

Did you use adequate postage?

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The USPS never stops...raising their prices.

No problems here.

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Like most DSL users, my IP changes periodically anyway, and I haven't had problems posting.

Maybe Kanga's employer wants him to, you know, work while at work?

"work while at work"?

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That's the sort of talk that encourages communism.


Will there be a "next message" / "previous message"...

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...sort of thing?

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