That's not even our oil leaking in the Gulf

We're going to have to buy it on the international market like everybody else. It might as well be foreign oil. What the fuck are we doing with this drill baby drill shit? This only benefits the oil companies and does nothing to decrease our dependency on foreign oil. Oh and did you hear who's responsible for that leaking concrete cap? Halliburton! More more than apparently we don't have the technology to do this deep sea drilling. They still don't know if they'll ever be able to shut this one off. I say but a ban on all offshore drilling until they can figure this one out. It's already too late for the wilflife and people livelyhood in the Gulf region.


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British Petroleum is going to get sued big time

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This is from

"Much of the criticism of BP has centered around the fact that the company apparently had no backup plan in the event of a failure of the well's blowout preventer, a crucial piece of equipment intended to prevent a massive leak of this kind. "There was no good Plan B," observed Ed Overton, an oil-spill expert in the environmental studies department of Louisiana State University.  Critics have pointed out, for example, that the rig lacked a type of remote-control shutoff switch that is required on offshore wells in Brazil and Norway."

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  The fishermen of the Gulf Coast have just barely recovered from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.  Now this.  If BP is smart they will send a team of lawyers offering money to these fishermen and others who are going broke because of BP's negligence.  They should be paid in return for agreeing not to sue.

Nothing America has, or will discover, in its search

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for oil reserves will reduce its dependancy on foreign oil.

Canada thanks you profusely, since we are your major provider, but beware. Your country's continuing harangue against the bogeyman of tar sands oil will send Canada packing to build a pipeline to transport the slurry to the west coast, where it will be loaded onto Chinese ships.

Can you say goodbye to a cheap source of "local" oil?

The cost of the pipeline? Nothing. China will pay. In cash.

Good luck.

Why hasn't Obama called the Navy in?

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For deep sea operations like this they are the ones most likely to know something. Laying this on the obviously inept BP is no solution.

Yes, they should file class action suets against BP. They have deep pockets.

We should have started switching to alcohol thirty years ago like Brazil.

The US Coast Guard is already working on the BP oil spill

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Methinks this would be their jurisdiction.  Not that having the US Navy help out if they can would be a bad idea.

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  Uncle Sam should send BP a big fat bill for services rendered.

In environmental studies the prof claimed oil spils aren't bad

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aren't that bad.  That most of the oil gets absorbed by the land, and that during the valdez oil spill they actually caused more damage to the environment trying to clean it up by washing rocks with dangerous cleaners n such.

He also claimed that oil leaks are a natural occuring phenomenon, and that oil leaks into the ocean all the time.

Never the less, I'm sure you gottah do something, but what exactly can you do but burn it?  And how great is that for the environment?  Burning crude oil.

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