These are dangerous times

With the New Depression on many may turn to the Hobo lifestyle

Here are the warning signs:

1. Slapping your knees, snapping your fingers or dancing a lick to the following songs

Mister Bojangles

Rain Drops Are Falling On My Head

King Of The Road

2. Drinking Night Train or squeezing Sterno through an old sock

3. Fighting over dog food with your dog, later eating said dog then still grieving after 20 years have past

4. Not being able to pass up a pie left cooling on a window sill

5. begging strangers for sponge baths

6. strange fear of people carrying baseball bats

7. Suddenly getting up and leaving when you hear a train whistle

8. Adversion to work in any form

9. eating from trash cans

10. looking along roads for tasty roadkills




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Don't forget about

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carrying a chalk stick to mark the good from the bad.

  • A cross signifies "angel food," that is, food served to the hobos after a party.
  • A triangle with hands signifies that the homeowner has a gun.
  • Sharp teeth signify a mean dog.
  • A square missing its top line signifies it is safe to camp in that location.
  • A top had and a triangle signify wealth.
  • A spearhead signifies a warning to defend oneself.
  • A circle with two parallel arrows means to get out fast, as hobos are not welcome in the area.
  • Two interlocked humans signify handcuffs. (i.e. hobos are hauled off to jail).
  • A Caduceus symbol signifies the house has a medical doctor living in it.
  • A cat signifies that a kind lady lives here.
  • A wavy line (signifying water) above an X means fresh water and a campsite.
  • Three diagonal lines means it's not a safe place.
  • A square with a slanted roof (signifying a house) with an X through it means that the house has already been "burned" or "tricked" by another hobo and is not a trusting house.
  • Two shovels, signifying work was available (Shovels, because most hobos did manual labor).

--courtesy of Wikepedia


One theory on the origin of the word "hobo"

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It may come from "hoe boy" (referring to hobos doing manual work). But I think there are other theories

I've heard a hobo is a drifter who sometimes works; a tramp is a drifter who never works; a bum stays in one place and never works.


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

Not to worry

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Nobody can dance to either King of the Road or Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head.

That's a scientific fact...

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Hence, they filmed Newman on a bicycle in the gayest scene of BC and the SDK.

Also, Rajah- you forgot "willingness to fight colleagues on video for cash".

Dangerous times indeed. Heed this:

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Don't we know people residing in Oklahoma? Is it true that Oklahoma residents are revolting against evolution? What about all of those Harley-Davidson evolution engines? Are they included?

I demand an immediate inquiry into the origins of the praying mantis.

I agree

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Oklahomans are revolting

I aint related to no ape. Well, there was my undle Maury.....

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IsSAnE_Biker_Dude wrote:

Is it true that Oklahoma residents are revolting against evolution? What about all of those Harley-Davidson evolution engines? Are they included?

You're half right: Oklahomans are revolting as in disgusting. But they let me live here so I can't complain. Much. I don't know about the Evolution engine. The one they let me ride here is an 88B, where the B stands for Balanced, as in Fair and Balanced.

The Scientific American article referenced in your alert is a good one. One point they make is that the religious extremists objective is to confuse high school students into believing there is a controversy where evolution is concerned when in reality, there is no controversy concerning the theory of evolution. In fact, today, there is exists not only much much more in the way of proof, but evolution itself is used to guide research into such things as AIDS vaccines. Believe it or not, one of the leading HIV/AIDS research centers is the Oklahoma Health Science Center at University of Oklahoma. You could have knocked me down with a feather when I learned that: I thought the only things that came out of OU were football and my son's tuition bills.

One rather pathetic outcome is that Bobby Jindal, the wonderkind governor of Loseriana, signed their ainti-evolution bill into law.  He should know better as he was a biology major at Brown, and graduated with honors.  Now Jindal has shown himself to be little more than a Repubbie ass kisser of religious fundamentalists. Screw him. It truly astounds me how low the scummy variety of politicos will go to harvest votes.

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