TheTime Traveler's Wife

As it seems I can barely string a coherent sentence together nowadays, this isn't a review - just my feelings about the move. 

I've been waiting a couple of years for this movie to come out, but after reading the reviews, I decided I would't see it. My attempt at movie abstinence lasted about 2 weeks (that seems to be about the longest I can abstain from anything - well, anything that matters). 

Turns out, I should have stayed home and waxed my legs.  Eric Bana was the biggest disappointment of the movie for me.  (Hmm...I think I said the same thing after watching Star Trek.)  I've seen him play some pretty intense roles, so I know he can do it, yet his Henry was, for the most part, bland and boring. I thought that Rachel McAdams was fairly impressive as Claire.  Thanks to her, I was wiping away tears as I walked out of the theatre.  Fortunately, the last scene in the book was omitted, or I would have been sobbing.

Also annoying was the fact that a couple of middle-aged women (who obviously hadn't  read the book) in the theatre kept giggling when Henry would appear naked.  Fine, Eric Bana has a really nice ass, but grow up already.

If any of you decide to see this movie, I'd suggest you read the book instead.  It's truly a beautiful story.  Heartwrenching, but beautiful. 


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I know you dreamed of seeing TTW made into a movie

Coaster's picture

But the only thing that's ruined more dreams than Hollywood is the alarm clock.

The last time I cried coming out of the theater happened just this week when I saw "9." My wife says she distinctly saw a tear roll down my cheek as I sobbed, "We just paid TWENTY-DOLLARS to see that preachy pile of religious shit?"

Nice review, Ms. Content.

It's just Mal today, Coaster.

Mal_Content's picture

Content doesn't suit my mood lately.

I heard that 9 was a good movie.  Or was it District 9?  I have no idea, but I guess it doesn't matter since I don't feel particularly inclined to see either of them.

Hey, aren't you supposed to be at Crankycon right now?

Oh shit! Oh shit!

Coaster's picture

Nope.  It's the 19th.  I leave tomorrow evening. 


My big question.

MadNessMonster's picture


Are the time-traveling miscarried babies in the movie?

*No more spoilers!*

You'd think that'd be the first thing to go. <:/

Yes, MadNess,

Mal_Content's picture

in fact, the movie dealt with the time-traveling babies quite well.

Wax on, wax off

RidingFool's picture


I should have stayed home and waxed my legs.

I thought all you Island Hippies went au naturelle.

Yup, I still wax my legs.

Mal_Content's picture

I even shower once in a while.  The assimilation isn't going according to plan...

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