They must go to jail.

"Maj. Paul Burney, a United States Army psychiatrist assigned to interrogations in Guantánamo Bay that summer of 2002, told Army investigators of another White House imperative: “A large part of the time we were focused on trying to establish a link between Al Qaeda and Iraq and we were not being successful.” As higher-ups got more “frustrated” at the inability to prove this connection, the major said, “there was more and more pressure to resort to measures” that might produce that intelligence.In other words, the ticking time bomb was not another potential Qaeda attack on America but the Bush administration’s ticking timetable for selling a war in Iraq; it wanted to pressure Congress to pass a war resolution before the 2002 midterm elections."


Anyone who stands in the way of putting these traitors away for life is complicit in torture and treason.



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To obey the rules of the Geneva Convention

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They will have to be tried


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If Obama won't do it

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Then Congress should take its own initiative.  Don't let BHO have the last word!


Violence is taboo, because it produces answers to please...

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... and it lowers the standard of information.

The above is a paraphrasing of a statement from the British officer assigned to interogate Nazi spies during World War II.  He firmly held that torture and violence would not be used for practical and not necessarily humane reasons.  Torture produces bad intelligence.

For more please check out this very good article on the subject by Christopher Hitchens.

{;-) Dan of Miami



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