They're planning a TOP GUN sequel




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This won't work.

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Problem is, Top Gun is such a byproduct of the jingoistic Reagan 80's.  It's uber-patriotism won't work in today's cynical age. 

Don't get me wrong - as a child of the 80's, I like Top Gun.  But I like it in the same way I like Def Leppard, Wang Chung, square-bottom wool ties, charm bracelets, and so many other 80's icons: as nostalgia from my youth, and that's it.




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I kind of like square-bottom wool ties, now you tell me they're out of style? Can I go back to skinny ties yet?

Actually, Rajah...

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...skinny ties are making a comeback.  But not made from wool.



That was Riding Fool

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He's much older than me. Back when he was young men were still wearing lace and silk stockings.

Excuse me, but

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the lace was expensive and the silk was fine.

Square bottom woll ties are out?

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What's next, pennyfarthings?


~There ain't no Devil, there's just God when He's drunk.~


This is all part of the same new marketing scheme...

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...just like Tron and Wall Street, Top-Gun, (and yes, I'm sure Ghostbusters will pop-up again, along with Gremlins 3, E.T., and whatever else they can drag out of the 80's) if one idea works, why not make more?

There should have been a sequel to Starman

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Karen Allen was left preggers by the alien at the end

But seeing how Karen has aged maybe that's not such a good idea

Up next, Goonies II

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come on now, you know it's comming!

How 'bout a D.A.R.Y.L. sequel

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Data Analyzing Robot Youth Lifeform.  What's Barrett Oliver up to these days anyway?  Surely he needs the work....


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