Things I'm sick of hearing from Obama's apologists

1. "He's only been in power a short time.  Give him a break!" (How many weak decisions can be chalked up to inexperience before a pattern of poor judgement emerges?)

2. "The Republicans would be far worse." (The election was months ago!  Are you afraid of a Republican coup d'etat?)

3. "He's our president and I trust him." (Just as other people trusted Dubya.)

4. "Obama's critics want him to fail." (If I wanted Obama to fail, I'd praise his mistakes instead of pressuring him to improve his judgement.)

5. "He's changed America already!" (So don't ask for anything more.)

6. "Don't be a purist!" (It's the purists who change the world.)

7. "Get with the program." (When you hear that, it means people are going to be screwed.)



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Oh shockers. The far left isn't happy.

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I voted for a moderate who is doing what he said he would do if elected.  I couldn't be happier and I don't feel the need to apologize for anything.  Obama "apologists" sure don't represent our president. 

Let's take a look at your point number 3

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FearlessFreep wrote:

3. "He's our president and I trust him." (Just as other people trusted Dubya.)

You're comaring Obama's trustworthiness to that of George W. Bush???!! Duuuuude, that's comparing apples to pig shit. 

Next week, Obama will submit a budget to congress.  Bush's eight budgets counted the tax revenues from the Alternative Minimum tax even thought every year he was in office, the minimum was raised in order that this tax was not applied to the majority of Americans.  Bush's budgest omitted the cost of his freakin' wars as the cost of the wars was submitted as emergency appropriations.  That's correct, Bush never included the high cost of our wars in his budget plans.  Obama's people has said that the cost of the wars will be included in his budget and the Alternative Minimum tax as applied to middle class earners will not be. 

The above is just one example of Obama's truthfulness and trustworthiness as compared to our recent disaster of a president.  I'm sure if I had a full ten minutes, I could probably come up with another couple of dozen examples. 


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For his economic team, Obama chose only people who backed Bush's deregulatory policies.

For his foreign-policy team, he chose only people who supported the Iraq invasion.

He continues to support Bush's policy on state secrets (which is NOT what he promised!).

He continues to support CIA kidnapping.

He continues to support imprisoning people in Afghanistan with no rights under the Geneva Conventions or under the United States Constitution.

But don't worry, this time we can TRUST the president!

BTW, dismissing Obama's critics as "the far left" is weak.


I didn't like the financial dude...

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...the one they say is light on the banks, geiger. why do we have a guy who,s light on the banks, and why did obama vote for the first bailout plan?

as for now, mixed feelings.

People should be critical of Obama and hold him to his campaign

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promises. The difference between this president and the last one is he will actually listen and care about what kind of job he's doing. If he does keep half of those promises he'll be doing better than Bush. Save the apologies for the Republicans, they're going to need them.

well, my present hopeful opinion is this....

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i remember when bush senior was around, the country went into a recession, then after 8 years of clinton we had a budget surplus, then after 8 years of bush jr we were left with another recession, plus a war we couldn´t get out of. my guess is the deal with the war will make things a little more complicated, but it seems to me that a pattern has been developing.  8 years from now i´m thinking if we go back to the clinton ways, minus the scandals and any sort of wars, we´ll be in good shape.

I´m skeptical, Obama isn´t God or anything, but it seems to me, that if a guy like Clinton can do it while he´s busy messing with an intern, than Obama should be able to do it if he´s the hard worker he´s been made out to be.

He´s not the only one involved though, he does choose people, and if the people he chooses make bad choices it can look bad.

-TMundo_in_Brazil (who wants to try and get citizenship here just in case, oh yeah, and because I love the weather)

Another Clinton?

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In an emergency like this, the US needs another FDR!


I understand that we need to save these institutions

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But do we really need the people who were running them into the ditch? It's self evident now that they didn't know what the fuck they were doing. Deregulating apparently doesn't work.

Is there a Republican alive

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who can make a speech without invoking September 11? Bobby Jindal sure can't.

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