Things you can learn from Midnight Cowboy

I'll be it, I copied most if not all of these over from the imdb, but they were just too funny not to share:

-Joe ain't a for real cowboy but he is one hell of a stud

-John Wayne is a f@g

-M-O-N-Y is the correct spelling of money

-If you ask for directions to the staute of liberty, women will take it as a sexual advance

-The Statue of Liberty is taking a leak in central park

-Coconut milk is all that is needed to sustain life

-If you pimp for a stud in Miami, women will call out your name and wave to you from apartment buildings

-Rico has a freshly pressed white blazer but prefers to wear rags

-It's important to protect your radio from Rico's meathooks

-While it's true that you can enjoy an automat meal made from catsup, hot water and soda crackers...It's just not the same if there's no flip job lady walking a rubber rat around her face.

-If party food is free, then you ain't stealin' it and there's plenty more room in your jacket for coldcuts.

-Your parents will kill you if you come home without that watch.

-Poodles are not good telephone conversationalists.

-Something to the effect of rich ladies stopping payment on checks to their hustler. "Ga'head. Get the money. Ga'head."

-Ratso hasnt changed his underwear once the whole time Joe Buck has been in New York City and that is some mighty peculiar behavior.


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