This thread has "Lost" it. (A thread for the discussion of "Lost".)

Yes, maybe this seems early. But reruns are starting this evening on both Sci-Fi Channel and G4. The latter with pop-up commentary.


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I watched Lost for a bit when it premiered

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I don't know why I stopped, I just don't watch shows religiously anymore. Guess my schedual doesn't allow for it, and there isn't enough stuff out there to keep me going. The last show I watched religiously was the original CSI, and before that it was Law & Order. But I've tired of both of those shows.

Oh right, Lost, well it was pretty cool in the beginning, the guy miraculously getting use of his legs, the guy who became a con-man dispite his unfortunate past. It was okay for a while.


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when is the season starting?

I confess to have watched every ep. since #1.

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And despite the often ridiculous plotting and the thinly concealed back story rationalisations, I will continue to watch.

Unless Kate leaves the show. :)

New eppies

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Apparently we have to wait until February.


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