Time for a QUOTE QUIZ!!!

What is the movie, and who is the character and/or actor who said the line?


1) "Sir, I'm an artist.  I can't surf those puny waves."


2) "When you absolutely gots to kill every last muthafucka in the room, accept no substitutes."


3) "Poodoo!"


4) "Thank you sir may I have another!  Thank you sir may I have another!"


5) "Oh, Jerome, next time: Right-handed people don't hold it with their left."


6) "Get away from her you bitch!"




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I know two

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2) Samuel Jackson in JACKIE BROWN

4) Kevin Bacon in ANIMAL HOUSE


(6) Sigourney Weaver in Aliens

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You are both correct, sirs.

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Still need #1, 3, and 5.



Three off-the-wall, REALLY wild guesses

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1) Yahoo Serious in Young Einstein. Yes, I am one of the five people who saw this movie. The line sounds like something he would say, as opposed to Patrick Swayze in Point Break or whoever was in Endless Summer.

3) The spoiled, rich kid (I think his name was Spalding) in Caddyshack during the pool scene.

5) The technician who took Ethan Hawke's urine sample every morning in Gattaca.

I'd be surprised if any of these are correct, but I'm hoping to score points for originality and the obscurity of the references.

Best regards, Wally

Wally, you're correct about number five

Rajah's picture

(3) Poodoo > something Jabba the Hutt would say in Return of the Jedi?

And yes, I cheated

Wallee, your #5 guess is correct. And Rajah...

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...your guess is from the correct universe, but not the correct character or movie. 

A clue for #1: this very long film is NOT about surfing, except for a few random dialogue exchanges in one particular scene.



When you say "long film" . . .

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The obvious first guess for #1 is the surfer dude from Apocalypse Now.

Best regards, Wally

Correct, Wall-E.

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Lance the surfer dude from Apocalypse Now.  That one was a bit obscure, but obviously I couldn't say it was featured in the same scene as the line "I love the smell of napalm in the morning."

So...which Star Wars character said "Poodoo!" in an angry, exclamatory manner?



Not looking at the other answers...

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4.  Animal House, don't recall the character name


6.  Ripley (Sigorney Weaver), Aliens.


2 I recognize, but can't place...

Was it Anakin when he was a little brat?

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Or Jar Jar Binks?

Was it just poodoo or banta poodoo?

Poodoo means fodder in Huttese

The answer to number 3 is...

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...Sebulba in The Phantom Menace, specifically when his podracer crashes.  He.  Was.  Pissed.


HS, who says "thanks for playing!"

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