Time Traveler's Wife


The trailer makes it look like a sucky chick flick, but if the film is true to the book, it's going to be great!

I've been waiting over two years for this movie.  I'm gonna be awfully pissed if it's been turned into a sappy chick flick.

btw, I think Johnny Depp would have made a great Henry.


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It's a book?

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Who wrote it and what catagory would it be under?

Well, yes, it's a book.

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Rachael Niffenegger (or something like that) is the author, and I think it was in the science fiction section.

Raj, I read tons of books, and this is one of the best I've ever read.  I bet you'd love it.

Thanks, I'll check her out

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I've read some of the women sci-fi writers like Anne McCaffrey. Her Dinosaur Planet series is my favorite.

RE: category

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This book was the first science fiction novel in years that made me think.  I can't reccomend it enough, but be prepared for a relentless series of emotional gut-punches.

That said, this book is also the greatest victim of (ah, here I go falling back on Trope terms again) the Sci-Fi Age Ghetto.  A lot of people, especially serious critics, think that "Sci-Fi is spaceships and giant robots and explosions and kiddie stuff.  So it isn't science fiction if *I* like it."  (Remember all those people who said, "It's okay to watch 'Lost' or 'Heroes' or 'Battlestar Galactica' cause they aren't *really* Sci-Fi!"  yeah.) 

Point is, you're probably not going to find _Time Travler_ (the sci-fi trope it plays with is right in the gorram title) in the science-fiction section.  It'll either be in general fiction, or it'll be in Romance (effectively trading one ghettoized genre for another.)


Edit: stupid flaky HTML tags.

It was in the science fiction section at Chapters.

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I don't know how it would be classified down there.  Regardless, it's a great read.


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It's Audrey Niffenegger, not Rachael.  Dunno what I was thinking...

Mal, maybe you were thinking of Rachel McAdams

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Who stars in the movie



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She's the one who wouldn't pose nude with Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson on the cover of VANITY FAIR. (That cover really needed three nudes instead of two.)


You're right, Raj.

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Also, I'm sleep deprived.

Have you ever read The Handmaid's Tale?  Its a great piece of science fiction, although Margaret Atwood insists that it's not science fiction.  I hate to say it, but I think it's about the only book she's written that was worth reading.

RE: Atwood

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_Handmaid_ is in my (embarisingly large) Classic Sci-Fi I Need To Read Pile.  _Oryx and Crake_ was kinda interesting. 

Mal_Content wrote: The

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Mal_Content wrote:

The trailer makes it look like a sucky chick flick ...

True.  It might have helped if they had some kick-ass combat scenes or if some things blew up (sigh)

Noting your mention of the book below, I wonder if I'm alone in preferring to see the movies before reading the books?  That way, I'm seldom disappointed in either the book or the movie.  It's a rare movie that can convey a book's entire story line, and there's hardly a movie that can live up to the casting and staging my mind came up with while reading the book in the first place. 

I'll be looking foward to seeing this.  And reading it, too.

Seeing before reading

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I find it easier to read a novel after I've seen the movie (or read the Classics Illustrated comic). It doesn't intimidate me as much then.


I see that Mal

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still has all of her feet on dry land. * waves *

Even better than that, RF.

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I still have all of my feet!

How's it going, btw?

All goes well, Mal.

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If it didn't, I'd move on to new places, different faces.

Although, I must admit that my feet are getting just a teeny tiny bit itchy to take a new-found amour on a road trip. She doesn't take too kindly to nodding off on the rear seat. So far, that hasn't bothered me in the slightest.

Now if I could just train her right, perhaps she'd learn to love having her knees in the breeze. Ah well, one can't have everything.

She does bake a mean rhubarb pizza, and although I am required to do the dishes, I can't really complain, for if I do, she just gives me that "I cooked it, YOU do the dishes look" and I am smitten all over again.

I am such a pussy.

Looks pretty shameless

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They even have the shot where they run to each other in a field! (Does the dog have puppies?)


God, that trailer is lame.

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I thought the book was amazing and I fear this adaptation is going to leave out a lot of the more bizarre and thought-provoking plot twists.  Ah well, we still have the Penny/Desmand arc on "Lost".

I consider Slaughter House Five science fiction

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although many would not. The movie matches the feel of the book. It's one of the few examples of that I can think of happening.

I remember reading a book awhile back called The Mirror. A woman trades places with her great grandmother so I guess that's sort of time travel. Her great grandmother lived in the time they were settling the Wild West. The book might have been in the romance section.

As long as it doesn't have a Fabio like barechested man on the cover I'll check it out.

I've been trying to recall a book...

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that sounds very much like the one you're talking about.  By any chance, was the grandmother or one of the main characters named Penny?

I don't remember any of the names in the book

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Just remembered it was called The Mirror

The movie can't be worse than the book

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What is with all the praise for a monumentally boring book? The story is lame, the chemistry between the protagonists is never developed. This book falls into the category of "The two main characters are in love only because they are the two main characters." Come on people, show some skepticism. And I see that Eric Bana is playing the lead, at least they found someone as emotionally shallow as the author portrayed the main character in the book to be.

I think you're confusing this with one of your Archie comics.

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Get a life.

Down here?

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Well, if it's like those Harry Potter books it's probably in the Going To Hell If You Read It section

Is there actual time travel in this book?

I cannot resist this sarcastic answer.

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No, there is no time-traveling in this book with "Time-Travel" in the title.  :P

Also, not to feed the troll, but I wonder what book Anonymous read?

(Incidentally, in light of his "wah, this is boring because the two main characters fall in love", I'd like to point out that two of the novel's main themes are: (a) Destiny is a Bitch and (b) The Eternist Universe philosophy [everything that has ever happened or will ever happen is/was/will be supposed to happen that way and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it; the story takes place in such a universe] is a phenominally fucked-up world view.)

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