Tinker, Tailor, Get the hell out of that depressing miserable hateful country, Spy

I was never so happy in my life as I was to get out of England in 1975. That horrible, cold, damp, dreary, cloudy, rainy miserable country must be even worse by now. The women could drink me under the table (and I was no slouch myself back then), probably because they all had bad teeth.

But I digress.

There's a mole. With bad teeth. We must find it before, uhh, before...

I really enjoyed the book - but then, it wasn't cloudy and it didn't rain for the entire book. I actually read it in sunshine. That helped. Now then...



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Gary Oldman is cool

Rajah's picture

 Is he a bad guy or a good guy in this?

He's a good guy in a dreary sort of way.

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This is a mind game spy movie, no action beyond words. It's been so long since I read any of Le Carre's books that I barely recognized the characters. I probably should have read it again before seeing it.

I enjoyed it, although my rear end was getting a tad fed up by the end.

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