Top 10 Racist Limbaugh Quotes

Man, this turd really needs to be flushed.


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It is still my opinion that Rush is a trolling the radio waves..

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...I can't really think that Rush believes what he's saying to be true any more than some trolls on the internet believe what they are saying to be true.  The only difference between Rush and internet trolls is that Rush has found a way to make money doing what he does.  He gets attention for his ridiculous statements and as a result makes money.  The only way he'll go away is to ignore him, but like with internet trolls, people can't help themselves.

There's reall no point in arguing with him, that's what he wants.  That's what he expects, angry people yelling back at him.  That what gets him the attention, and the money as a result of that attention.  Although I'm not sure who's paying.

Speaking of racism...

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have a look at the latest endorsement by the people. God but I just love the internets.


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Sad, pathetic, inadequate, red-necked losers.

Wow, I'm really depressed after reading those quotes.

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How can his talk radio show pull such strong ratings - even in a moderately-liberal market such as Los Angeles - where the station that carries him is rated #1?

And yet Progressive Talk languishes at the bottom of the ratings?



Thank you Carl Central

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Progressive TV is actually beginning to get a foothold.  Granted it's taken forever it seems, but having anything that doesn't seem like it was written by Karl Rove and friends addressing politics is a plus.  Radio may simply not be the format.

Actually progressive radio is doing well

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I enjoy listening to the Miami progressive radio station 940 WINZ.  You can also hear the Internet version at

The Stephanie Miller Show is funny from 9AM to Noon with quite a few comedy bits.

The Thom Hartmann show is also interesting from Noon to 3PM.  Although as a Libertarian I don't always agree with some of his more left leaning ideas on economics the show is very informative.

These two shows (and some other progressive ones) are doing well in the national radio ratings.  So you do have a choice now.  Many progressive radio shows are also available in the pod-cast format.

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  Beware.  The Stephanie Miller Show is highly addictive!

The sad thing is

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that someone could make a top 100 of them and it still wouldn't cover the breadth of his nazi views.

I am continually amazed that

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I am continually amazed that people throw around words like Nazi.

Do you really think that anyone on radio, TV or other media has the same objectives as the Third Reich?

I also don't understand the "Maybe it's not the right media" statement. What are you saying about non-conservatives? Are Liberals only able to tune if if there is a visual to go along with the audio? Are you saying that radio is not fast-paced enough to hold their attention? What is your evaluation based on?

Should we bring back the Fairness Doctrine?

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Camille Paglia is against that.  But she thinks talk radio is a great cultural achievement! (She also admires sports radio and 24-hour news.  What, no MTV?)


I guess lefties prefer their racism subtle...

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The in your face stuff is so brash. They prefer the subtle, feel-good racism of patronizing minorities by acting like they are helpless without the aid of guilt-ridden white people to make sure they get edumacated.

yes John, everyone is racist to a certain degree...

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...they don't always realize it.  Although good intentions are good intentions as well.  In brazil they have racism, but would never want to admit to being racist or wouldn't discriminate up front asnd in your face about it.  Latin America doesn't have 'black churches,' they don't even know what that means.


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You're saying it's a good thing that they don't have black churches, right?

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