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You haven't lived till you've seen THIS trailer! (How could I exist without Youtube?)




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And now for something REALLY scary!

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Watch for a young Patrick Swayze and a bearded Arnold Horshack.



In the same vein

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This trailer scared me when I was a kid

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"In bleeding color!"



Saw this at the drive-in when I was a kid

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"A different kind of motorcycle gang"

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Gilligan's Island with a 1967 rock soundtrack

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After blasting into space with the new "Star Trek" I will be rocking into the past with this musical based on the pirate radio stations that brought rock and roll to the UK in 1967.

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  In 1967 the BBC broadcast only 2 hours of rock music every week.  In response some enterprising souls started radio stations on boats in the middle of the North Sea.  25 million music starved Brits would tune in every day!


The Sesame Street approach to horror

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"Lee Van Cleef just does it better than most"

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"The greatest of heroes in the greatest of westerns"

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More '70s horror

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The one and only...

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What's in the basket?

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That looks like the worst date ever!

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The original classic

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I remember seeing this trailer when I was 12!

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I don't trailer.

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I ride.

Maybe Coaster trailers.

Oh, sorry. Wrong thread.

I don't trailer. Might as well drive a cage if you do.

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On thing I do, however, is sign my posts.  sarcastic emoticon


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They're everywhere.

The signpost up ahead

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The Twilight Zone!

What were they smoking?

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