Traitor Joe : by Paul Begala

Norman Lear on Backpfeifengesicht

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Paul Begalia = Asshole

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He is a running sore on the body politic. I don't know why Democrats hate Senator Lieberman - it wasn't that long ago that they voted for him for Vice President.

Joe Lieberman = Asshole

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Nobody votes for Vice President. They vote for the president, and the V.P. choice comes along for the ride. Except, of course, Teabagger morons who actually thought that Sarah "The Quitter" Palin WAS running for president.

Like nobody saw this coming

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Lieberman siding with the democrats for anything this term that's meaningful is as likely as Sarah Palin going onto an arctic iceflow.  The stupid thing democrats did, or thought, was that he would follow their lead on anything.

Impeach Jim Gibbons!


Thanks, Oddball.

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With your Teabagger reference, you just ruined a perfectly good sex act.


HS, looking for someone upon whose face to dangle his balls

Nader voters didn't vote for Lieberman

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Who's the traitor?


What did Nader ever do for us?

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Besides provide tremendous help to getting Bush put in office? 

I hope he gets run over by a Corvair.

He provided liberals with a convenient scapegoat

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What'll they do now?



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I think people like Nader because he is, in several ways, an ideological candidate.

*He lives in a DC apartment and walks to work everyday.

*He doesn't own a car.

*He never had children, for fear that his workaholic lifestyle would make him a sort of absentee father.

*He really is a true consumer advocate, railing against such things as shoddy imports from China.

*He's a progressive independent.

Problem is, he looks like a dork and has a whiny voice - not exactly the look and voice of confidence.  Compare that to the public speaking prowess of, say, Barack Obama....

I like Nader, but I won't ever vote for him (at least not for President) as long as our current two-party system means that he won't ever get fair consideration by the media and the public in general.  I hate to say it, but voting for Nader would be throwing my vote away.


While your vote for John Kerry was...

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Oh, wait.


How blatantly obvious members of Congress have been...

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about who they are really working for in this debate. It's beyond me why they think they should be re-elected after this display. We need more people in Congress who care more about doing their job than keeping it

If Congress were a pirate ship we'd keel haul Liebermann!

When is this fucker up for re-election?

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And why do senators have longer terms than presidents?

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