Transformers 2: AKA "Michael Bay blows (stuff up)"

I actually enjoyed about 2/3rds of the film - giant robots, destruction, hot women, the kind of endearingly cheezy stuff you'd expect from a movie like this (in terms of dialouge et al).  Unfortunately, you also get a plot that's rather convoluted (especially if you haven't watched a Transformers cartoon in about 2 decades) and some rather forced comedy ranging from the sitcomish (pot brownies) to the silly slapsticky (humping dogs, that RC truck transformer who acts like an 80s cartoon sidekick) to borderline offensive (why would there be Autobots that seem to be literally retarded such as the twins?).  Ironically, its worth seeing theatrically more then it is on DVD/cable because the good stuff really comes across in a large, noisy theater while the bad stuff is more emphacized on TV...


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Going to see it this weekend

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 in IMAX, no less.  I expect nothing more and nothing less than a big, dumb, SFX-laden summer popcorn action flick.  Woohoo!


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I saw Transformers 2 as a matinee yesterday. It was slightly less cheesy than the first one in terms of dialogue, but still had plenty of cheese.

I thought the twins were a horrible racial stereotype. One of them even has a gold tooth and they both use "ebonics"-type language. Worse yet, they're the dumbest transformers of all. Is this what we want to show to little kids? (And there were plenty of 5-7 year olds in the theatre, even with the PG 13 rating)

Ultimately it wasn't bad, wasn't great. The action scenes were pretty good, and there were plenty of them.



Transformer twins: Michael Bay's answer to Jar Jar Binks

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Every second with them on the screen hurt. It made me realize how much of a sap I was for spending my hard earned, recession depreciated, cash to watch the film in the first place.

The movie was pretty much what I expected it to be, but those stereotypes made it so much worse. How the hell did they get past the test audiences?

Anywho, I only wanted to watch because of Megan Fox and she certainly delivered. Her opening shot (propped up on a motorcycle in cutoff shorts and waistcut jersey) was a thing of beauty. Right then, I could have walked out of the theatre satisfied; but it wouldn't've been appropriate to stand up.

Why does she ALWAYS look wet? Am I the only one that notices? She always looks like she just stepped out of the shower.Its like someone hired a gal with spray bottle full of baby oil to sheen her down at the top of every hour or something. Guess it just adds to hotness, if thats even a word.

...what...what were talking about again?

Michael Bay has a deal with the devil

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That's the only explanation I can think of as to how he hasn't been rolled out of Hollywood yet. Fucking horrible movie.

transformer 2

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I thought transformers 2 was an awesome movie...and the twins were hilarious. The humor was a little off the wall but that is part of why it is so funny. And as for what it teaches our children if you watch any of the movies out there they are full of sexual content and innuendos so if I have to choose I would much rather have off the wall humor then that!

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