Trash the Public Option. Insurance Execs Are The Real Victims

Two words

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Single.  Payer.


GOP not fooling Americans on health care

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From a CBS News poll:

"Although the American public disapproves of both parties' handling of health care, they do see differences when it comes to the each party's approach to the issue. Just over half, 52 percent, think the Democrats are really serious about reforming the nation's heath care system, compared to 69 percent who think the Republicans are not serious about reform."

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  Dems are terrified that they will lose the next election of they pass a public health care option.  They seem to think that's what caused their big loss after the Clinton health care plan went down in flames.  Well these poll numbers indicate the opposite.  It is the Republicans who will probably lose big if the majority of Americans don't get what they want.  And what 60-65% of them want is a public health care option.  They don't want to go bankrupt if they get sick.  Or worse yet not get treatment at all.

I thought the tide tured to repub after the Lewinski scandal...

TMundo's picture least that's what I was told, that the country went repub because it was a national embarrasment.  On the other hand, Gore did win the popular vote, and the election was close.  So the country didn't really do much but equalize itself.  I voted for Gore because he was sharp as a tack, willingly volunteered for vietnam, seemed to have a handle on environmental issues.  I was scorned at when I told them in the office at work, that I saw a 2 hour documentary on both the candidates, and based on that info alone, it was clear to me that I should vote for Gore.  But it seemed VERY clear.

Maybe the Dems are worried they won't have campaign money

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if they pass a bill with a public option. The Republicans aren't worried about money, they did the bidding of their masters

The Dems are in power so they get the money

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The party in power always has a fund raising advantage.  No, the Dems are worried about how the voters would react if something bold like a public option was put into action.  I think most people will be happy to have the option, even if they don't chose to take advantage of it. 

Going to a single payer plan would be too big of a change to do all at once.  A public option would be much more gradual and cause less disruption to the health care system.

{;-) Dan in Miami


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