True Grit (the remake)

I know this movie is getting lots of Oscar buzz.  Harry Knowles of AICN just called it the best film of the year.  But I saw the trailer and, I gotta say...

is it just me, or does True Grit look friggin' boring?




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It's the Cohen Brothers take on it

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Geez, I thought those guys did original stuff

What's not to like

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about a movie where cussin', spittin', mean, ugly men threaten, point guns, pull triggers and shoot people, all while sitting on horses?

Don't get me wrong...

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...I WANNA like True Grit.  I guess I'll have to wait and see.  But judging by the trailer, Jeff Bridges sounds like he has a bunch of marbles in his mouth.

I've also heard that the Coens intend this remake to be closer in spirit to the original novel than the John Wayne version (which I've actually never seen, believe it or not).

Oh and Rajah, the Coens are about 50/50 original material and adaptations of books/older films.  No Country for Old Men is based on a novel, The Ladykillers is a remake, and True Grit is a remake based on a novel.


Real men

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are unable to speak properly when the following occurs, all at the same time:

  • they have a chew;
  • they're about to spit;
  • they're cussing vehemently;
  • they're shooting someone from the back of a horse;
  • the reins of the horse they're riding on happen to be contained within their mouths.


All Westerns are boring

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except for the Wild Bunch & spagehetti westerns. BYW True Grit had a sequel starring John Wayne & Katherine Hepburn - try and remake that!

Madmoiselle Bustier,

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the subject of our post is heresy!

Can I get an Aaaaaa-men to that!?


The stellar career

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and monumental salary request precluded the gread-grandmother from appearing in a cameo role as mother to all of the actors appearing in the recent True Grit remake.

It ain't no True Grit without Kim Darby!

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She be cute and as Captain Kirk found out incredibly old.

My True Grit review: *** CAUTION: Spoiler Alert! ***

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Even the horse was plucky.

Plus, ya gotta love a girl who can do a decent rollie, no matter what her age.

Not to CFL you, but a word about TRON

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1982 that is.  I haven't seen the new film and from what I've been hereing, I likely won't.  First off, it ain't that I been hereing it's not to be enjoyable as a popcorn action/visual sci-fi flick, it's that peopl are saying it didn't have to be a Tron sequel, and that it could have been called somehing else.   What do I know, I ain't seen it yet, but I have seen the 1st film at various points throught my childhood in little-bitty inconprehensive pieces, and more recently a quick viewing.  The CGI is top notch, not just for it's time, but in general it is designed well.

Now what's wrong with that? That was cool, right?


TM, you are hereby banished

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to the bowels of cinematic hell, forever forced to watch Transformers in all its sorry glory, including but not limited to, LeBeef known as Shia. Humanity's fate rests in your gentle hands, TM.

No sir, I haven't seen Transformers but I dig the original...

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...and I know good cinema when I see it.  Tron 1982, was good in it's cinematography, it's concepts, and it's use of special effects.

     I don't know why I skip films, but I do, and I skipped the The new Transformers film and its sequel.  The original, though dated, I'm sure is far superior to it's follow-up because it was the original concept that made the fanbase exist in the first place, and because of it's heavy-hitting storyline and advanced animation sequences.  They basically killed off some of the lead rolls in the cartoon, one of the cartoons actually says, "shit," in the film.  Then there's that whole planet that eats other planets transformation thingy voiced by Orson Wells, which just has to be seen because it's too much to describe, it reminds me of some kind of bizzare japanimation sequence, I'm not sure who worked on it.

Bizzare Transformation Scene --

"Oh shit!!" --

     The original Tron film featured top notch CGI sequences, there was a whole comparison made between the real world and the computer world including a whole religious aspect which applied itself to the relationship between human 'users' and the programs they wrote and used. Jeff bridges plays the Christ-like protagonist, he enters the computer-world and is able to change and manipulate things and bring dead programs (who are played by people) back to life. (he can probably do this because he's a programmer in real-life) It's a lot like Neo's character in the matrix.   The film is comparable to the matrix, the two films share many similarities, the Wachaowski's may have borrowed some ideas from Tron, but they also added other ones.

     The scinematography of the real world consisted of factory settings with metal stairs and metal criss-crossed floors. The film ends with a view of city blocks in a standard grid formation with time-lapse traffic lighting, all made to mimic the layouts of the sets inside the computer.  The computer sets were filmed in black and white, and then colored in by hand later using that draw-over film effect.  If you can get past all that, the film isn't all that bad.  Anyone with a moderate understanding of computers can 'get' this film.  It's not just for nerds and geeks.

Updating it is a great idea, it's a film with a decent concept and storyline that could have real potential if taken to the next level and done correctly. It's a project I don't want to be disappointed with and maybe that's why I haven't rushed out to see it yet.  Or possibly I'm just lazy too.


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Just saw the whole movie

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It wasn't bad.  Jeff Bridges was a funny Rooster Cogburn, and I like snow scenes in a western. (I loved the continuous snow in MCCABE & MRS. MILLER.) But there's only one John Wayne, of course.

I find the girl a bit annoying in both versions. (I haven't read the book, but I imagine she's annoying there too.)

Lesson learned from the TRUE GRIT remake:  Don't toy with a skeleton you find in a deep pit. (Reminded me of the classic Bob Clark Canadian production CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS.) It's sort of like the lesson I learned from THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND:  When in Uganda, don't cuckold Idi Amin!

That epilogue was a downer.


I saw this also.

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I enjoyed the True Grit remake.  Knowing that it was a Coen Bros. film I was able to spot their unique, darkly-humorous touches.  That said, they were mostly restrained this time, and if no one told me it was a Coen movie I might not have figured it out myself. 

Like Freep, I liked the snow scenery (it reminded me of The Missing, by Ron Howard).  I, too, thought the epilogue was a downer - though it wasn't surprising, either.

Performances: Bridges is okay, but IMHO not a Oscar nomination-worthy performance.  Hallie Steinfeld is superb, and instantly becomes a front runner for Best Supporting Actress (even though she's actually the LEAD in this one).  Josh Brolin has very little screen time and doesn't make much of an impression, but that could be b/c he has such little dialogue.  Barry Pepper's role is equally small, but he has more scenery to chew and is fun to watch.  My favorite (aside from Steinfeld, that is) character/performance is by Matt Damon as LaBoeuf, who just seems to be having more fun than anyone else.  Well done, sir.

In closing: Thumbs up to True Grit.  It's a bit overrated and certainly not the year's best, but might slip into the bottom of my top ten list.  (I really need to see the original; I've seen several John Wayne westerns but not this one.  The Searchers is my favorite.)


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