"Two and a Half Men" has jumped the shark

 They kill off Charlie and substitute Kucher in his place? Kucher is doing the same character he did on "That 70s Show". The whole show was hard to watch.

 On a better note Zooey's show "The New Girl" rocked. It's Zooey at her quirky best!


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For you fanboys out there, Zooey's chubby little thighs

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will never replace The Celine and her special coming up on The Fat Girl Network in October! As yet, no word on whether some old guy will be wheeled out to make it look like he's The Husband.


takes viewers behind-the-scenes as Celine creates her Las Vegas show “Celine”


As far as two men and a boy goes, it's done. Charlie rules!

The love for "2 and a half

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The love for "2 and a half men" is baffling to me.


Chuck Lorre must have a deal with Satan.  The popularity of shit like "The Big Bang Theory" and "2 and a half men" just boggles my mind. People act like it was some form of cutting edge comedic genius.

They air on CBS guys.  The same network that believes NCIS is cutting edge drama.  i


Anything that my parents watch and think is funny is definitely not.


The cockpit.. what is it?


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Holy shit, you're alive!







~There ain't no Devil, there's just God when He's drunk.~


Oh come on, you are your parents:

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NCIS topped Tuesday in viewers, adults 18-49 and adults 25-54 as the eighth-year drama notched its second-largest audience of the season with just under 21 million viewers, leading CBS to a nightly win in viewers and key demographics, according to Nielsen

Two and a Half has definitely lost part of the formula...

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 that made it work. The fact that the kid got older is another factor. Lots of these type of shows get worse if the cute kid gets too old. It's just not as funny anymore. When the Andy Griffith Show lost Don knotts and Obey got older the show just sucked. Another example was when on Bewitched they replaced Dick York's Daren with the gay Daren Dick Sargent. Leave It To Beaver sucked when the kids got older. That last night's episode of Two and a Half was as bad as that final episode of Seinfeld. Charlie Sheen killed Spin City for me when he replaced Michael J. Fox.

The Big Bang Theory rocks btw

Speaking of formula

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That's okay...

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 as long as he doesn't do it in public

"2 and A Half Men" sucks sweaty ballsac.

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Even moreso without Charlie.


~There ain't no Devil, there's just God when He's drunk.~


I would rather watch

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that fat tub of shit Chaz waddling around a dance floor than John Cryer's bloated visage. Is he drinking? I can't wait for the mug shot soon to be arriving on TMZ.

And the kid that never moved out? WTF is with that?

The Kutch needs to trim his beard.

It's so fucking bad that they've had to give Berta more lines.

And what's with the faux gay shit? Are they trying to broaden their audience base? That'll work fer shure.

The endless commercials for the baby back ribs, credit card and HP computer were more interesting than the than the whatever it was I was watching.

But I digress.

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Nancy Grace is another fat tub of shit I can watch tumbling across a dance floor.

Wouldn't it be great to see Nancy and Chaz on the floor together? Now that I could live with.

I wonder which would lead.


They'll never top Gene

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I watched" Terra Nova" instead

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 Dinosaurs eating people! You can't get any better than that , man.

I think we have another "Lost" here

Oh come on. Admit it.

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You recorded it on the VCR for later.

In that case, don't fast forward through the commercials. They're the best part.

I'm just glad I avoided seeing....

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 Nancy Grace's wardrobe malfunction. I surely would have poked out my eyes with a hot iron had I witnessed that!

Nancy Grace should fall off a cliff, be dipped in egg-wash, rol

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led in fire ants and be deep-fried in her own liposuctioned-off fat.



~There ain't no Devil, there's just God when He's drunk.~


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