TYT : Buchanan defends Hitler

Not really

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Why not link to the actual article?:


Buchanan's point is that a set of war guarantees between the UK/France and Poland led to automatic war much like they did in WWI.  Everybody seems to think the pre-WWI war guarantees were a bad idea but the WWII ones were good.  Furthermore, Hitler's territorial ambitions were in 1939 limited to implementing his Lebensraum programs in eastern Europe.

I don't agree with his point because Hitler's Lebensraum policy clearly stated that he intended to ethnically cleanse and "Germanize" eastern Europe and even Russia (i.e. the Holocaust was a part of that).  Buchanan should consider whether preventing that result was a strategic enough interest for the Allies to make WWII inevitable.

Ironically, in trying to save Eastern Europe, we wound up handing it to Stalin who performed his own purges and ethnic cleansing campaigns.

In any case that Young Turks guy is a tool and these questions completely go over his head.  I find it interesting that Buchanan's column has been censored from some mainsteam sites after political pressure.

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