TYT : Interviews Mike Gravel former Alaskan Dem. Senator and presidental candidate

This is one Kool Dude! Has an interesting idea about making new laws



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He needs sixty-five million viewers

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With that idea, he'll be lucky if he draws 65 viewers.

Senator Gravel is a very free thinker

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He is a breath of fresh air compared to our prepackaged and totally predictable politicians.  Why can't we have more politicians like him?

As our country races towards bankruptcy and everyone agrees that our immigration policies, and health care policies etc don't work, can anyone totally discount his ideas on the citizens taking over at least some legislative duties from the party of Washington? 

Thank you for that post and link Rajah.

{;-) Dan in Miami


I surely doubt the folks in washing would let that happen...

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...how many senators are actually for the people, and aren't only concerned with keeping their cushy little jobs and getting re-elected and so on.  Sure, the gotta do well to please their area to get re-elected is one thing, but what about all the other stuff?


Not appearing too socialist (shivers, oooh socialism, so scary even though we've always had it)

Doing something worthwhile that the lobbyists don't like (why is lobbying even allowed?)




John Cleese on proportional representation

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If you think direct democracy is a way out and wacky idea, perhaps proportional representation would be more to your taste.


{;-) Dan in Miami

What I noticed about the UK election

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Over a third of the electorate voted for parties other than the Conservatives and Labour, but those parties got only an eighth of the seats.


Labour party loses UK election, tries to buy MPs

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Under the UK constitution the sitting Prime Minister has the right to try to form a new government by putting together a group of parties that would make for a majority in Parliament.  That Prime Minister is Gordon Brown.  His party lost the election yesterday to the Conservative party. 

The Conservative party did not get a majority in Parliament.  So even though the Conservatives will have the largest number of MPs, they must stand on the sidelines while Brown tries to form a government with the third largest party, the Liberal Democrats.  The thing they want the most is proportional representation because it would help the Liberal Democrats  win many more seats in Parliament in future elections.  From the London Times:

"Mr Brown used his acceptance speech in Kirkaldy to dig in and open negotiations with the Liberal Democrats over voting reform, saying he wanted to implement "far-reaching reform to our political system — on which there is growing consensus'".

"Labour officials floated the possibility of offering a referendum on fully fledged proportional representation rather than the limited version in Labour’s manifesto."


{;-) Dan in Miami

In a Parliamentary democracy

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such an arrangement is called a minority government. In the country Sarah Palin can't see from Alaska it's been predominant for years.

Canada has a minority government

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We've had one for years! (And with a first-past-the-post system too.)

Viva proportional representation!


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