TYT : Is Obama failing to show leadership?

Is the Pope Catholic?

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If Obama won't put pressure on Congress, progressives will have to put pressure on him.


Dem donor strike for a public health insurance option

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Money talks.  Progressives have now begun a donor ban for major Democratic organizations until the  leaders of the Dem party push forcefully for a robust public option.  From Democrats.com:

The Democratic majorities in the Senate (60/40) and the House (258/177) are large enough to pass a "public option" even with no Republican support. But a handful of conservative "Democrats" are blocking the will of the Democratic majority.

These conservative "Democrats" refuse to listen to the Democratic voters who elected them. That means it's up to our Democratic leaders - Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and President Obama - to persuade them.

We will not accept a weak public option or worse, a "trigger." We want a robust public option (based on Medicare rates, not negotiated rates) that is nation-wide (with no state opt-outs), administered by Medicare (not a for-profit insurance company) and available immediately.


{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  Obama has been co-opted by the insurance companies.  This strike is a good way to get his attention.  Nancy Pelosi seems to have gotten the message.  Harry Reid is about half way persuaded.


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