TYT : Obama is just a politician, not a leader

Fuck, fuck, fuck! Why oh why did I dare hope he would be different? Like I said before on this issue people in Congress and in the White House are showing their true loyalties. Someone please someone stop this bullshit and vote this stupid useless bill down. I guess the House of Representatives could start over with their own bill but I wouldn't count on Obama. As a devout pessimist I should have known better. There will be no change. All we have in Obama is a politician who talks pretty.


What Rahm Fucking Emanuel has in mind



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News Flash: the ocean is wet

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{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  If you want to learn something you never knew about health care in the USA try this article from Slate.com.  It explains why you can't find a family doctor anymore.  And it has little to do with the cost of health care.


And it's salty too

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Nobody wants to be a family doctor anymore. There's alot of students that come out of medical school wanting to be rich. If they get a government loan to go to school they can pay it off by working a few years in an urban or rural setting that doesn't have a doctor of any kind. Many skip out on this obligation wanting to make the big bucks right away.

I'm surprised not more want to be a psychiatrist. It looks like a cushy job, just sitting there interjecting every once in a while "yes, I understand", "tell me more" and "how do you feel about that?". Plus they have a boatload of pills to keep their patients calm and "normal" 

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