TYT : Obama signs NDAA with reservations < BULLSHIT!


 That signing statement don't mean shit! I can nolonger support this president. Yeah yeah, the Republican candidates are much worse but so what? That's not a good reason to vote for a president. This act is beyond the pale and he'll go down as the president that signed it. If the Republicans really wanted to win they'd use it against him but of course they are for it too so we're screwed. Yeah Ron Paul is one of the few who is against the act but then he's nutter than a fruitcake in most of his other policies. The Supreme Court could go after the bill but I doubt it given the number of conservatives on the court. Don't know what I'll do come election day. A Republican president will be much worse but I can't see how it could be much worse than this. Even if he doesn't use the powers in this bill in the future he has left it open for other presidents to do so.Considering that he has already killed an american citizen without a trial it's plain to see that he will continue to use the powers in the bill. This bill just makes those actions "legal" now.


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Meh. Come to Canada. It's so boring

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and sleepy up here, no one of consequence in your government will be able to find you to slip a missile up your ass.

Please take America over !

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 Not only are we bankrupted we're morally bankrupted

You get warm Flori-duh in the deal!

No thanks. Those chickee bars on the Florida keys

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aren't what they used to be.

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