Unbreakable 2 aka Shyamalan needs a New Hit Soon

While promoting the “Happening” Blu-ray release via conference call, M. Night Shyamalan said he’s finally keen again to pursue a sequel to his superhero drama “Unbreakable.”



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I was hoping for a sequel earlier on...

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...now it's a little passé.  But I do remember towards the end of the film Samuel L. Jackson's character telling Bruce Willis's character that now that we know who you are, blah blah blah...

It was an inkling for a sequel, but it never got one.

I'm still waiting for a sequel to Cast Away

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We never found out what happened to Wilson the Volleyball

That would be a much better role for Shia to play given his acting ablity


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....could end up being one of "the people to which we do not speak" in The Village II: Village People on Patrol.  This would be set in crime-ridden Philly and the hay-filled canvas bags with volleyball heads would be a gang headed by Bobcat Gothwait. Shia makes a cameo as a coke-snorting pediphile rape-murder victim at The Blue Oyster.  The house band, disgusted by the lack of action on the part of homophobic cops, set out on their own to bring his scarecrowe murderer to justice...or to brunch...whatever. Anyhow, nobody wants to talk to them and the killer becomes mayor.  Steve Guttenberg's character shows up wearing a skinsuit that looks eerily like Kim Cattrall (who plays the character without makeup) and asks to join the band. Initiations take place at the Y and it turns out he's just not flexible enough anymore in certain areas. Then the chick with the really high-pitched voice figures out that the whole thing is a big lie. William Hurt and Joaquim Phonix do a weird dance in goatskin pants and Hightower bangs the blind chick so hard she immediately births Haley Jimbo Osmond. This all takes place in the park as a distraction to the mayor, because the truth is....


They're all actually in Newark, and gays can't play music there.

The End.

Yeah Michael3b, like THAT hasn't been done before <nt>

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I believe I have no-text FIRSTIES!


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why michael, you've changed your avatar

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although sadly I can't figure out what it's a picture of.  It kinda looks like Andy Kaufman, but I'm sure I'm wrong.

Dig it, mundo...

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It's Buford T. Justica and son from smokey and the bandit.

"Junior, the first thing I'm'a do when I get home is punch yo' momma right in the mouth."

Ahhhhhhh, the memories........

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Nobody but nobody could do spousal abuse humor like The Great One, Jackie Gleason.

"There is no way, noooooooo..."

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....WAY, that you coulda come from my loins."

That's the preceding line, also flawlessly delivered.  That guy shoulda got the academy award.  Curiously enough that was the 2nd highest grossing movie of 1977.

Well, I was going to say something about "Unbreakable Reloaded"

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But I now kinda want to direct Michael's movie.  May I throw in some even crazier plot twists?  Like it turns out everyone is a self-aware Furby?

I ain't no sellout!

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...but am amenable to bribes. I will need to see all drafts of the script and require a 99.87% share of the net proceeds- WORLDWIDE. I'm not falling for that "100% of gross earnings from 1st showing on first wednesday in Pierre, SD" again.  I'm talkin to YOU, long-legged, raven-haired ladies of the Hollywood legal team.  You hear me?!  Never again!

I'd like a sequel to SIGNS

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One where the aliens come back, this time with diving suits to protect themselves from little girls with glasses of water.  And Mel Gibson becomes a Satanist.


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

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