Very Important Movie Poll

Lately I've been noticing that there are a ton of "high=profile" movies that I've never seen.  So my question is:  What movies have you never seen, that everyone else probably has.



Steel Magnolias


Spider Man 2 & 3

The Godfather (any of them)

Citizen Cane

Lord Of The Rings (except the first one)

Annie Hall

A Clockwork Orange

and the list goes on and on..


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Good God Almighty

Terribelle's picture

Citizen Cane?

Cripes, I suck, but I thought of more movies I've yet to see..

Saving Private Ryan

The Dark Knight


Citizen Cane? Try this one instead . . .

Coaster's picture

Citizen Kane. 

I found Citizen Kane to be slow, boring, and predictable.  What makes this worse is that when I saw it, I had just come from a full day of engineering classes and I still found this movie boring.  Trust me if you haven't experienced this for yourself, after a day of engineering classes, even The English Patient would seem to rival Die Hard and Terminator for excitement.  

By the time that snore fest was over, I wouldn't have cared if "Rosebud" had been his favorite butt plug.  

But don't you defend "Casablanca"?

Marion's picture

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. . .

I just love romances where the guy's an asshole, the woman's a self-indulgent adulteress, and they don't even end up together.  Brings a fucking tear to my eye, mostly over my wasted time.

I'm not a big "Kane" fan, but even I can recognize tha skillz.  If nothing else, some of the shots are breathtaking.

"Casablanca" grows on you.

Coaster's picture

Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.

I've actually been doing a

Drew_Atreides's picture

I've actually been doing a pretty good job, lately, of nailing down alot of the 'classics' that i hadn't seen... "Gone with the Wind", "The Godfather Trilogy", "Citizen Kane" are all flicks that i've been able to knock off recently. 

I still have not seen enough Hitchcock.  I need to watch more.


I also lately have had an innate desire to watch "Network". So much so that i actually submitted an email to TV Ontario here in Canada begging them to make it one of their selections on "Saturday Night at the Movies" (good god, i must be an old man :P)  They actually responded, too, telling me it wasn't on tap for this current season, but that it's definitely a movie they will consider for the future.


But really.. My vow is "watch more Hitchcock".





The cockpit.. what is it?

A lot

Critico's picture



The Terminator


Gone with the wind

Its a wonderful life

Close encounters of the third kind

The exorcist


It would have to be the slasher movies

Rajah's picture

Although I have seen the original Halloween, I just don't care for them. My niece Sarah thinks they're funny cause they're so predictable.

I'm quite surprised to read your lists. I thought everybody has seen those!

Hitch rocks!

Even His minor ones like "The Trouble with Harry"

Good topic. Here're mine (from various genres)

HS's picture

Rocky IV

True Grit

Hellraiser (not high profile but a cult-classic)

Saw (I mention this in honor of Saw V's release)

Cool Hand Luke

Conan the Barbarian (although I did see when I was a young'un - and can hardly remember today - Conan the Destroyer)

And I have never a single film with Jackie Chan, not ever (not sure why; I have nothing against the guy)

Escape from New York and Escape from LA




I'm all for more Hitchcock!

Marion's picture

Pound for pound, possibly my favorite director.  Just always good stuff.  If you're looking for suggestions (anyone), "Rope" is a great, sometimes overlooked Hitch flick.

A few of mine -

Body Heat

The Maltese Falcon

The Third Man

Touch Of Evil

I'm getting into more

jazzdrive3's picture

I'm getting into more Hitchcock myself.  Have Rear Window.  I just bought Rope and To Catch a Thief from Amazon.  Can't wait to watch them.

To Catch a Thief is one of his more lighter movies, but still great, and he piles on the double entendres.  And Grace Kelley just oozes pure sexuality.  She's still hot even by today's standards.  Probably always will be.

Grace Kelly

Marion's picture

Just too gorgeous.  I spent two years trying to replicate an outfit she wears in "Rear Window" - slinky black top (easy to find), full, white skirt with an embroidered black floral pattern (really hard to find).  But even more than usual, in that outfit - what a knockout!  She looked otherworldly beautiful to me, and however poor my imitation, it makes me feel good to try.

Glad to see some Hitchcock enthusiasm - seems after "The Birds" and "Psycho" your average movie fan signs off.

"Vertigo" is my favorite, for personal reasons, I'm not sure what I'd call his "best".

I grew up watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents 1955-1965

Rajah's picture

He was one funny host!

How old are you?

RidingFool's picture


Geez Louise on a pogostick!

Rajah's picture

I wonder about you people sometimes!

Bogey rocks!

Orson kicks all kinds of ass!

Might have known such coming from someone who doesn't like IT'S A Wonderful Life!

I mean that's fucking Jimmie Stewart for christsakes!

Are there anymore CLASSICS you wanna trash?


I once took a...

michael3b's picture studies course in Hitchcock.  It was interesting, even apart from getting to see a bunch of cool flicks in lieu of a long lecture, which was awesome.  There's a good biography (The Dark Side of Genius) which to me was as fun to read as it was informative.  Helped me appreciate the flicks some more, too.  There is much going on in them that you might otherwise big deal if you do, as they stand up just fine on their entertainment value alone, but if you wanna deeper look, I recommend reading up on them.


My favorite Hitchcock flicks:

Dial M for Murder


Strangers on a Train

Shadow of a Doubt

To Catch a Thief

The Lodger

Rear Window

catch any or all of them...i'll reimburse you if you aren't satisfied.


ps Titanic sucks.

Nope you are wrong

Critico's picture

Billy Wilder is the best director, with Kubrick and Hitchcock right behind, he is also the best writer, so much talent in that man.

I'm going with...

michael3b's picture


His movies are so good they don't even need subtitles for me to completely enjoy them.  Only pornographers can say the same.

OH "Escape From New York"

Drew_Atreides's picture

OH "Escape From New York" is a classic.  Carpenter at his best (which was pretty much the entire 80's).

I also liked "Escape from LA" but.....alot of people don't. It does get a little silly. I embraced that aspect.  Others may not.''


"Snake Plissken? I thought you were dead!"


The cockpit.. what is it?

Oh man, classics I haven't seen?

TMundo's picture

I could probably gop on and on, but i've been making some headway:


-Raging Bull

-Casablanca (I'm just not into old movies)

-Mean Streets

-Things to do in Denver

-Anything nominated for best pic last year

-Most if not all Hitchcock films

I'm sure there's more.  It took me the longest time to actually watch the Godfather, of course i was glad when I finnaly did, but I was about 24 maybe?


JunkyardKid's picture


Jerry McGuire

Adam Sandler movies past Happy Gilmore (EXCEPT Punch Drunk Love- he was okay in this because he wasn't being his usual self)

My list

Decaf's picture




Steel Magnolias

Clockwork Orange

Saw (is that high profile)

O' Brother Where Art Thou (must seeeee)



 I recognize and accept the irony of my situation. 

And in an utter and complete non sequitur, visit my official blog.

Body Heat is definitely worth the wait, IMO

Terribelle's picture

Then again, I own Titanic and watch it twice a year, soooo..

I also love Romancing The Stone, but have never seen the sequel.

Re: Hitchcock - I thought The Birds was quite gay and downright boring, but I really liked Notorious. 

Haven't seen a single slasher movie either, Raj.  Can't stand that crap, but my sister owns them all.  She bribed me into watching Texas Chainsaw, and even though I could only stand to watch 45 minutes of the thing, I've hated her ever since.

Romancing the Stone showed Kathleen Turner's softer side

Rajah's picture

The sequel wasn't that good, you didn't miss much. Before that I thought she was going to be type casted as a vamp. She did a spoof on the vamp image in The Man with Two Brains. Body Heat was the best movie ever. I especially liked the music, it was perfect for that movie.

My niece is funny when she watches slasher movies. I watched one with her and she does an unending commentary throughout. It always seems to be a group of teenages casted as the victims. She says things  like "watch they're going to separate" and "that one is going to go down into the dark basement"

Zombie films have always puzzled me. These zombies stagger around yet people can't seem to out run them. That's why I think the Borgs are the stupidest Star Trek villians ever. They're just space zombies!

More movies i haven't seen

Critico's picture



Notorious, and a lot more Hitchcock

No movies by Bergman

Unforgiven, or any other Clint westerns, the Clint i now is a director of weird thrillers. and Oscar bait movies.

Raging Bull

Bringing up baby

Life of Brian, and i have the dvd, but it doesn't have subtitles and the british dialog is hard to understand for me.

I too enjoy Titanic

Rajah's picture

Watching a frozen Leonardo bobbing in the water is worth sitting through the rest of that crappy movie.

My list

FearlessFreep's picture

Here are some movies I haven't got around to seeing:







BASIC INSTINCT (life's too short)







PASSION OF THE CHRIST (I'll stick with Pasolini's version, thanx)



Anything with Julia Roberts in a starring role (not that I dislike her, but her movies never seem to interest me, though I may see ERIN BROCKOVICH someday)

Any in the following series:  Pirates of the Caribbean, Bourne, X-Men, Halloween, Mission:  Impossible, Friday the 13th


The following Best Picture Oscar winners: CIMARRON, THE GREAT ZIEGFELD, GENTLEMEN'S AGREEMENT, Olivier's HAMLET, THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH (THE LIFE OF EMILE ZOLA I only saw the first part of because Letterman was coming on; MRS. MINIVER and GOING MY WAY don't count because I tried to watch them, though I couldn't)


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

Love Story would be good if they changed the ending

Rajah's picture

Like instead of dying of an illness at the end, Ali spontaneously blew up you know REAL GOOD! They could also throw in a chase scene for no good reason.

Don't bother seeing The Passion of Christ. All you need to know about that movie is Jesus = hamburger

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is about the worse movie ever made so you haven't missed anything. I don't recommend anyone seeing it unless they are into transvestites and Meatloaf

its eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Decaf's picture

and you should see it. unless you're talking about something completely different

Fearless, your list was interesting, although worrisome

Terribelle's picture

So for your own darn good, and for the sake of all that is holy - run down to the video store and rent Toy Story, go home and make some popcorn, grab a big bowl of M&M's and a large orange pop, and enjoy the hell out of yourself.

I hope I've made myself perfectly clear.  Good day, sir.

Raj, did you see War Of The Roses, with Turner and Douglas?  I've only seen it once, but have been wanting to see it again.

Forget to mention something

Terribelle's picture

Unbeknownst to me, TMC was showing The Birds this afternoon, so I decided to give it another whirl.  I really didn't think I'd sit through the whole thing, but I did, and for some reason enjoyed it much more than I did when I watched it a good ten years ago.   

I'd forgotten that Jessica Tandy had a role in it, and how amusing some of the "special effects" were, not to mention the cheesy sets.

One thing that really got on my nerves, though, was that Tippi Hedren wore the same green suit during the entire 4-day ordeal.  She musta smelled frickin' rank by that last day, but of course she always looked pretty as a picture - at least until the scene in the attic.  

(I also had forgotten until hours later that Melanie Griffith is Tippi Hedren's daughter, and that the character Hedren played was also named Melanie.)

Oh, and some trivia I learned - when asked how they got the birds to do all that needed to be done, Hitchcock responded "we paid them very well."

Okay, I'll shut up now..

To show you what a funny guy Hitch is

Rajah's picture

When Melanie Griffith was a child Hitchcock sent her a Tippi Hedren doll in a wittle coffin

I'm'a barbeque yo' ass in molasses...

michael3b's picture

...if you don't rent the #2 grossing movie of 1977.


Do it, or so help me I will crash this trans-am RIGHT into that choke-n-puke ova there.

Another movie I haven't seen

FearlessFreep's picture

THE LION, THE WITCH & THE WARDROBE.  Why haven't I seen it?  Because I hated, HATED the book!

And when I think about the book, I hate it even more. CS Lewis' moralistic horseshit is creepy and deeply confused.  What kind of children's book has kids fighting in a war? (If war isn't a business for grownups, what is?) Was Lewis preparing a generation of youngsters to fight World War III against the Soviets?  And what kind of book has the kids grow up in their fairy kingdom, then go back to where they came in, return to the real world AND REGRESS TO CHILDHOOD?  Adults like Lewis apparently wanted children to stay children forever, not a good recipe for generational relations in the '60s.  And those bourgeois beavers were annoying.

Also, I have yet to see any movies directed by Robert Bresson.


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

To comment on the Previously Mentioned

TMundo's picture

I see some relating material here.

-Rambo, First Blood -- This is different from all the other Rambo movies in that it isn't Rambo running around shooting terrorists while bullets bounce of his body.  It's a weird film, and it does some good to show what happened to vietnam vets after the war.  Stallone does a great acting job towards the end when he has a breakdown in front of the general.  It takes the film a while to get going, it isn't all bullets and explosions from the get-go, which is what separates it from the others.

Hitchcock - There is a documentary out called The Pervert's Guide to Cinema, where some austrian psychoanalist named Slavoj Zizek breaks down popular films in a fruedian way.  I must say, although I don't completely agree with his theories the guy gives a very interesting POV for some of the films.  Here's his bit on Birds, I'd fast forward to 1:45 if I were you:

I saw the first 40 minutes or so of First Blood

Critico's picture

like you said, a very interesting movie not your typical action film, the thing was that make out girl called me to invite me for lunch, and it was the day i lost my virginity.

FIRST BLOOD had a theme song by Dan Hill

FearlessFreep's picture

Remember "Sometimes When We Touch"?

Oh well, WALKING TALL had a theme song by Johnny Mathis!


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs said this about Dan Hill

Coaster's picture

"Dan Hill sings Sometimes When We Touch as if he's being given a prostate exam by Captain Hook."

Did you know the song The Blob was penned by Hal David and Burt Bacharach?

Another little-known fact

FearlessFreep's picture

FIRST BLOOD was a Canadian production! (That was in the golden age of "Hollywood North" movies like PORKY'S and MY BLOODY VALENTINE.) It had a Canadian director in Ted Kotcheff and Canadian singer Dan Hill also raised the Canadian content.


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

One interesting thing to note about "First Blood"...

HS's picture

is that for as violent as the later Rambo films became, he didn't kill a single person in First Blood.  Sure, he shot at the chopper and as a result, the chopper's sniper fell to his death, but that was not an intentional killing, so by my ruling it doesn't count.


I'm tellig you there's this one striking scene were Rambo breaks

TMundo's picture

...breaks down.  It's the scene where he's talkin about how him and hios best friend were gonna get a car after the war was over, and drive it till the tires fell of.  It's quite an emotional scene.  Really says a lot.  The rest of the movie however, well, I guess they just messed with the wrong veteran.

Here's that scene I was talkin about...

TMundo's picture

...don't watch it if you haven't seen the movie.

Never saw

nickumoh's picture

Movies from the list that I haven't seen but want to see

-2001 A Space Odyssey

-Citizen Cane

Movies not from the list that I won't see

-Spiderman 4-Infinity (fuck it, I'm through)

-Almost every Disney film ever made

-Any of those spoof movies that end in the word "Movie" (gawd those movies look so bad, the trailers make me sick. When I see a trailer for one of those movies at the movie theatre, I start to question the caliber of movie that I'm about to watch.)

...what...what were talking about again?


Decaf's picture

 its citizen kane. I have never seen any of the "movie" spoofs either. I do not intend to.

as for disney I haven't

Decaf's picture

as for disney I haven't seen bambi, cinderella, the lion king, or the little mermaid.

Citizen Kane is a pretty good movie

Rajah's picture

See this half chinese monk kills a prince in china and flees to America in search of his brother. There's alot of cool kung fu fighting and advertures.

Ummmmm, never mind....

TMundo's picture

...but actually, I haven't seen the film either.  I saw a bit of the one you're talking about rajah.  Never finished watching it though.

Say Raj, did you see any of the cavemen like films?  I know there were a few.

Seen all the films from that list...

MH's picture

As for what I haven't yet seen, I don't feel like spending an hour trying to remember all the oddball cult flicks I've heard of but haven't yet seen, so I'll thrown in a few that I can easily find the names of:

IMDB Top 250 flicks - Paths of Glory, The Lives of Others, The Great Dictator, The Big Sleep, For a Few Dollars More, Wages of Fear, Wild Strawberries, Kind Hearts and Coronets, The General, Diaobolique, a few others.

Hits - Alvin and the Chipmunks, Runaway Bride, the High School Musical films, Dirty Dancing a few others (there aren't really many films I avoid on principle, just films I never quite get around to watching)

One Million B.C., Mr. T.

Rajah's picture

Raquel Welch makes an accurate tasty cavewoman. Sure dinosaurs are there with humans but who cares!

Looking at all your lists I realize I've seen alot of fucking movies!

Just to be pedantic

FearlessFreep's picture

ONE MILLION BC was the '40s version with Victor Mature, the one where they photographed lizards closeup and passed them off as dinosaurs.

Raquel Welch was in the '60s version ONE MILLION YEARS BC, the one with cavewomen wearing anachronistic false eyelashes. (It was produced by Hammer Studios, better known for horror movies.)


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

Actually Raj, I was hoping...

TMundo's picture would mention some real oogah booga stuff, like what was in the beginning of the History of the World.  You know, but for a whole movie.

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