Is Videodrome a good movie?

...and if not, can anyone recommend some of his films?


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I enjoyed it at the time

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(early '80s), but now it appears dated because of the new "better and more gore" productions. Go for it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

His movies?

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Are you referring to James Woods or David Cronenberg?

This one wasn't bad, if only for the added pleasure of watching a lit cigarette get snuffed on one of Debbie Harry's boobs.

If James Woods, I would say check out "Salvador", "Casino" and "Ghosts of Mississippi" for his better performances.

If David Cronenberg, where to begin?  Just about the only Cronenberg movies that haven't worked for me were "M Butterfly" and "Spider".  Two of his best movies IMHO were "Eastern Promises" and "Dead Ringers".  

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