Volkswagon has some equally weird commercials featuring Brook Sheilds


Apparently this is the full 5:00 version which I haven't seen on TV.  They've been showing small excerpts of it instead, and that makes it even more weird.  With the longer version I can see them connect the dots of the ridiculous joke.


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Strange choice for them to pick her

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But I guess that's what they were after

After watching the commercial,

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I didn't feel the least bit compelled to go out and buy one of those vans (yeah, I've even forgotten the name of it already).  Their advertising manager should be drawn and quartered, preferably using Hyundais for the quartering.

Brookie's tall fat ass makes it hard for her

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to fit into that fine example of German engineering. The car of the folks has been having a lot of quality control issues of late, probably because the former WWII-era engineers have died and taken their blitzkreig-engineering capabilities with them to the grave. With GM ready to fall over the edge, leave it to Germany to try and replace them.

I don't think even a hippie would consider such an abomination, but given the nature of the seriously obtuse elderly in North America, anything is possible, I suppose.

Well there's always Audi...

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...but who's got the money for that?

Audi? Are they still catching fire,

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or did they fix that back in the'70s?

When I was a kid, we had this Audi Quatro...

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I remember being out in 12 inches of snow.  The snow was actually scraping along the bottom of the car.  It wasn't a truck remember, it was a four wheel drive four door sedan.  Never got stuck.

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