Was Sarah Mmmm-Bopping With Hanson?

That's Brad Hanson, former business partner of Caribou Barbie's Boy Toy, Todd.




In other news, no new developments in the search for Lobsterboy.


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May I be the FIRST to offer up a big helping of...

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Who gives a shit?

So they're swingers

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That's all in keeping with this nation's family values

Talk about a couple of Mr. Negatives.

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McCain has Sarah's ass covered. In fact, my bet is that he's wondering how long it will take to get her splayed out on that oval office desk, gut up, like a beaver ready to be skinned.

That is all.

A man his age humping that slut could have a fatal heart attack

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Hmmm, maybe that's her plan to seize this nation!

Time Out For Football-related Humor.

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Three guys wander out of a bar.  One guy's wearing a Philadelphia Eagle hat.  One guy's wearing a New York Giant cap.  The third guy has a Dallas Cowboy hat on.  Over on the sidewalk is this woman lying gut up, bareassed naked.  So the three, being gentleman decide to try to cover her up.  The guy with the Eagles cap places it over her left breast.  The guy with the Giants cap places it over her right breast.  The guy with the Cowboy cap places that over the lady's crotch.


A cop shows up to inspect the scene.  He walks over, picks up the Eagles cap and places it back over the left breast.  He reaches over, picks up the Giants cap and places it back over the right breast.  He reaches down, picks up the Cowboys cap and places it back over the crotch.  He reaches down again, picks up the Cowboys cap again, looks perplexed and places it back over the crotch.  He continues to repeat this with the Cowboys cap a couple of times, each time looking more puzzled than the last.


Finally, one of the guys asks him, "what's the matter, what are you doing."






He says: "Oh, nothing.  Normally when I see a Cowboys cap there's usually an asshole under it."

All America Gives A Shit.

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At least, all the ones who aren't trying to google up some pics of Jamie Lynn Spears breastfeeding.


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Is Caribou Barbie a Stargate SG-1 fan?

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First, look at the picture of Brad Hanson at the link above.

Now go to the Images section of the Unofficial Website for Stargate SG-1 actor Tim Guinee:  http://www.tim-guinee.com/images.html

In particular, go to the Stargate Ark of Truth images.

Brad Hanson and Tomin of Ver Isca: Separated at birth?

Best regards, Wally

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