We are becoming a slave labor planet

Speaking of slave labor,

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how's this for working your ass to the bone?

(Probably not safe for work in America)


The slave labor just wouldn't listen. As usual.

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People who actually want to work are prevented from doing so

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by fascist pigs. The poor employer was only trying to pay for an honest day's work, and now he's going to pay with jail time.


Immigration papers are now required for Arizona.

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"Just passing through" doesn't cut it any more.

God I love American politics.


If we make that law nationwide maybe we could crack down....

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On all the Canadian spies in this country! The problem is how can you spot a Canadian by sight, I mean besides the horns.


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Americans are white - well, mostly (so far).

Canadians are white.

Americans have accents.

Canadians have accents.

Americans try to play hockey.

Canadians play hockey.

America has jackboots in Afghanistan.

Canada has troops in Afghanistan.

America has the eagle.

Canada has excellent beavers.



So you're saying

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that your women haven't figured out how to use a razor, or are they simply assuming that's what the queen does?  Otherwise you'd never insult America's hat so. 

One out of four people is freakishly stupid. If three of your friends are normal, then it's you.


Well, since eagles are bald

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and beavers are not...

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