What CNBC does is not journalism

There are lots of flies on CNBC

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I haven't forgotten how they cancelled Phil Donahue's show--despite having the network's highest ratings!--because he was criticizing the coming Iraq invasion.  That tacky censorship didn't even reflect a prowar agenda like at Fox News, but just an anti-dissent agenda.

And I haven't forgotten how they moved the goalposts to exclude Dennis Kucinich from a Democratic primary debate.  They were going to limit it to the top four candidates, on the assumption that he'd be fifth or sixth, but because other candidates had quit he happened to be in fourth place. They excluded him anyway.


CNBC exists for the purpose of manipulator stock pumping

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And less frequently, tanking.  For whatever reason, leaking to CNBC has never resulted in insider trading charges, so it's a great place to get rumors started if you've got the $.

For example, they normally gush about their parent GE.  The last couple of weeks, however, they were relentless with "Will GE survive?", "GE bankruptcy imminent?", etc. stories because that's how their masters were positioned.  Now that that trade is done it will be back to "generational buying opportunity?"

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