What I want to know

is, who will be the first among us who will see W.


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I heard it was a sympathic portrayal of Bush

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No real Bush bashing

think I'll pass

I heard it was a FAIR

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I heard it was a FAIR treatment of Bush.  It still treats him as an idiot, but you almost feel sorry for him.

We've suffered that man's smirking foolishness for 8 YEARS

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I don't need another 131 minutes of it.

Oh sure, I finally ask an honest question about a movie

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and all of you go into denial. I'm sure there's something Freud would have to say about that.

What does the 'W' signify?

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Oh, Kanga,

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you took the words right out of my mouth.

Now that's just harsh.

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Personally, I can't wait until some of the Wankster's government starts getting hauled into the courts. Now that should be a fine show.

Even moreso, I'm wondering who he might pardon, before the fact, so to speak. He's already pardoned the telcos for unlawful spying through legislation.

The trailers made it look like they were trying to get at...

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...the reason he decided to run.  Why would a guy who was doing nnothing politically related be inspired to run for pres.?  But of course, trailers can be misleading.

I wondered the same thing. Why

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would the profligate run? To piss off daddy? Jeb was daddy's fave.

And who was it who shepherded the profligate through all the hoops, from gov to preznit? That must have been quite a job.

(No, I've not seen the movie.)

Speaking of W, it looks like

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 the Willis married Demi's younger sister.


That'll give his good pal - what's his name - someone new to bang, yet will keep it in the family.

So to speak.

Oh. Yes. Ashton. That's it.

Sounds like John Derek

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He successively married Ursula Andress, Linda Evans and Bo Derek, who all look exactly the same except that each is younger than the last.


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