What real massage looks like...


NMT or Neuromuscular Therapy is the best way to go, it is massage done from a complete medical prospective, good stuff, wish I could find more on it.


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Yo T!

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Did you ever write to Matt and request Spam killing privileges? 

No, I forgot, guess I should get on that, I'm a lazy one.

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I'll be a bit busy this week, and I hope to stay that way, but I suppose it couldn't hurt to kill spam, I just don't wanna get stuck in the rut of being on the comp all day given my situation. I need to stay motivated, but on the other hand, part of my work consists of being on the computer so why not?

I hope Mr. T is more motivated than that last Spamanader

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He got tired of eating spam

But Spam is chuck full of the meat of hobos and little runaways so it's got to be good!

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