What was the name of that advertising move?

The one where the insane asylum people made up the ads?

A car advertisiment---Yes, I want a hand job from a beutiful model.

Volvo They are boxy but they are safe

Anyone know?




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Crazy People

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You just cited half the humor in that movie.  It wasn't a very impressive outing for Moore. That movie, along with the disappointing Arthur 2 that preceded it, was enough to make me say "No Moore."

When asked by a reporter if the height difference between he (5' 2-1/2") and girlfriend Susan Anton(5' 11-1/2") bothered him, he replied, "She's so tall, I have to go up on her."



I liked the stuff he did with Peter Cook

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Crazy People

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starring Dudley Moore and Daryl Hannah.

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