What is your favorite Patrick Swayze movie?

I like the one where he & Wesley Snipes dress up in drag.


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Tears my heart out every time I watch that.

Red Dawn

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Although Dirty Dancing has that classic line "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" it ain't worth watching the whole movie to hear it. I guess Patrick got some practice being a dead guy in "Ghost", the afterlife ought to be a piece of cake.

The SNL skit w/Chris Farley as Chip & Dales dancers

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That was my favorite scene with Patrick Swazye. One of the funniest Saturday Night Live skits ever!

A couple of weeks ago in downtown Portland, I was attending the Dew Tour (skateboarding, BMX, motocross) and some kid was doing a BMX routine to the song that was playing during that skit. I immediately started laughing uncontrollably! It gave me a great idea for this years Halloween costume.


...what...what were talking about again?


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As the "rescuing unacknowledged Vietnam POWs" go, it beats Chuck Norris' MISSING IN ACTION and Sylvester Stallone's RAMBO, anyway.


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